10 best free educational app

10 Best Free Educational Apps For Students And Kids

According to studies, great educational apps for students should be engaging and open-ended. While there are some useful educational apps on the internet that require a subscription, there are also some free educational apps that can be used by anyone.

Today’s educational apps link parents, teachers and students, making it a fair and enriching platform to learn in. Learning begins in childhood and as children get more intelligent and wise, there is a pressing need to develop new, innovative educational tools and methods. Hence, this explains the rising demand for classroom apps for students.

Learning has become much more accessible with the introduction of educational apps, making it much more entertaining for students of all ages. The Education and training industry has seen significant transformations during the past few decades.

Now, the questions that often arise among students and parents of young children are: Which app is best for studying? Which is the proven best app for online classes? And are all educational apps as effective as classroom teaching?

So, let us take a closer look at the top 10 latest educational apps for students and kids available for free all over the world.

Top 10 Educational Apps for Students

1. Google classroom

classroom-Educational Apps For Students

Google Classroom is a free service for school that saves time and material and creates it easy to take courses, distribute assignments, interact, and be organized. It gives the class greater freedom and mobility by allowing them to teach and learn from anywhere and on any device. It is one of the most highly convenient, useful and free educational apps for students of all ages.

Some of the unique features that google classroom provides are-

  • It simplifies switching from class to assignment to student.
  • It keeps track of students’ progress.
  • Scores from the gradebook can be exported to the student information system (SIS)
  • It has an adaptable comment bank
  • It provides notifications on a student’s work and performance
  • Notifications concerning assignments, deadlines, and student summaries are also sent out automatically.
  • It ensures that learning is tailored to the individual.

And hence, Google Classroom is the ultimate set-up for sending announcements, creating classes, beginning discussions, submitting and grading tasks, asking for comments and replies, sharing resources, and so on, to make online learning easy and convenient.

2. Edx


With the need for additional hard skills and expertise, there has been a growing demand for online courses and training. And that’s where one of the best educational apps comes to picture.

EdX offers online courses from the world’s greatest universities and industry leaders to your mobile device, making it simple to learn something new and develop job-relevant skills in today’s fastest-growing sectors.

On edX, you can learn anything from places all over the world. More than 2000 courses from prominent universities are available on edX, including :

  • Computer science
  • Business studies
  • Linguistics
  • Engineering
  • Coding
  • Statistics and more.

These courses will provide you with professional qualifications and university credit that will help you advance in your career.

3. Khan academy

khan academy-Educational Apps For Students

Khan Academy’s is a free online courses site aims at providing customized learning experiences, primarily made on the pictures which are hosted on YouTube.

Its mission is to provide a free, world-class education for all learners across the globe. This site is intended to be used as a supplement to its videos, because it includes additional features, e.g., development tracking, exercise practices, and education tools.

All of the classes are presented as video tutorials. A recording of drawings on a virtual chalkboard is shown in videos (like a teacher giving a lecture). The narrator also uses these images to describe each lesson.

Khan Academy also offers online courses to help students prepare for standardised tests such as the SAT, MCAT, and LSAT.

In addition to that, teachers can use Khan Academy to discover gaps in their students’ understanding, personalise instruction, and fulfil the requirements of each individual student

4. Duolingo

english learning app

With its friendly approach and awesome updates, Duolingo‘s long been one of our favourite apps for learning another language. Engaging in mini-games that test your reading, writing, and speaking skills, and joining a club where you can encourage and compete with others, adds a great social element.

And to top it off, all the Languages and games are available for free!

Duolingo is changing the way people learn languages using advanced technology to personalize every lesson for you. Practice reading, writing, speaking, listening and conversation with intelligent Chatbots. Track your progress, earn rewards, and join the world’s largest community of language learners.

Thus, Duolingo is no doubt one of the best educational apps for students looking to upskill and learn new languages.

5. Quizlet

Quizlett-Educational Apps For Students

Quizlet is simple learning tool which helps every student confidently learn anything, no matter what they’re endeavour to achieve. By using study sets, study modes and in-class games, you can instantly create a more engaged classroom.

Quizlet’s usage of flashcards is another distinguishing feature. Flashcards encourage active recall, which is the practice of actively engaging memory while learning. It’s one of the most effective learning methods available. Quizlet contains millions of ready-to-use flashcards. You can even make your own flashcards and share them with your classmates.

And thus, Quizlet is a terrific tool and free educational app for instructors to use to create quizzes for in-person and online learning that is simple to construct and assess. It’s even clever enough to customise learning to the student’s needs.

6. Kahoot


Kahoot is one of the free game-based learning platform for individuals who likes to study through quizzes in this regard. It offers pre-made quizzes on a variety of topics.

So all you have to do is pick a topic and participate in live quizzes with other participants. You can also rapidly create quizzes and challenge your friends to compete with you using the app. Kahoot can also be used for offline quiz competitions.

And thus, Kahoot is one of the best educational platforms with a user-friendly UI that makes using it a lot of fun. This application is a popular favourite and is such a dynamic platform, making students more interested in their studies.

7. Remind

cloud app

Remind is an Indian online educational app for student. It is an parent-builded programmes that sends out timely reminders for important tasks and events. It is proven to be a very convenient educational app for students as it reminds students about deadlines and helps them in time management.

Teachers may use Remind to send out important class announcements, ensure that everyone is on pace to complete their tasks, or remind their students when the next test is scheduled. It even offers a group chat function that you may utilise to reach out to students one-on-one if you see they’re experiencing difficulties or just have queries.

Another important feature is the ability to track statistics and view receipts to know who received your communication. The dashboard in this app displays how many people received your message, how many read it, and whether any mistakes occurred.

8. Photomath

maths learning app-Educational Apps For Students

Students have always dreaded the subject of mathematics. No matter how old one may grow, mathematics may always be a challenging hurdle to cross.

Fortunately, the best educational apps like Photomath can convert even the most challenging mathematics into fun learning exercises.

These apps not only improve the chances of finding the right solution, but also save time while solving quadratic equations, algebraic expressions, and other problems.

Photomath scans a math equation using your iPhone or Android camera before providing a step-by-step technique to solve the issue. Students may study mathematics in a fun and easy method this way.

9. Sololearn


The scope of programming and coding has increased over the years. We wouldn’t have many great geniuses like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and others if it weren’t for coding.

SoloLearn is a coding enthusiast’s dream come true. SoloLearn’s massive library of free coding courses in languages like java, python, c++, swift, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more may get your coding juices flowing whether you’re a novice or a veteran.

Beginners may discover plenty of beneficial advice and information about whatever coding language they choose to learn on SoloLearn, which isn’t only for intermediate or experienced coders.

Thus, many young learners rush to the best free learning app for kidsSololearn to gain coding skills and master programming.

10. Udemy

learning app

Udemy is world’s largest education site app and teaching marketplace in India. It contains over 130,000 video tutorials for courses ranging from technology and business to personal development topics such as painting, writing, and yoga, among other things.

We also get to learn these things at our own pace, which is wonderful. If you’re having trouble with a particular course, you may ask questions and get answers from other students and teachers.

Students with an idea can connect with Udemy‘s qualified teachers who will guide them step-by-step to realising your ambition and executing the idea.

Some of the unique features and advantages Udemy provides are-

  • Even if you’re busy, use a background player to listen to classes.
  • Download videos at the resolution you want.
  • You can interact with professors.
  • You can play the course at your own pace if that is more convenient for you.
  • As a teacher, you may earn money.
  • Thousands of people rely on us.

And thus, Udemy is an excellent resource and the best free learning app for kids for both novices and specialists. Udemy is a wonderful offer for working professionals who want to acquire new skills and advance in their careers. Even Premium packages are now less expensive than their competitors.

Top 10 Educational Apps for Kids

1. Youtube kids

videos for learning-Educational Apps For Students

Youtube kids is one of the most convenient and affordable ways of teaching kids. It contains everything for youngsters to explore new things and follow their hobbies, including instructive films, entertainment programmes, music, and instructions that help them make models.

They invest a lot of work into making sure that kids have a secure internet experience. They work hard to maintain the films on the site kid-friendly by employing a combination of filters, human inspection, and input from parents.

In addition to that, as no two families are alike, Youtube kids provide an option to personalise your child’s app experience, including how to choose what material they may view, how to restrict screen time, and how to ban videos. There are many tools available to assist you in developing good digital habits with your children.

2. Quick math jr

game app

Quick Math Jr is a educational apps for students that seeks to help children enlarge their mathematical skills by turning numbers into something imaginative and engaging. Each player’s difficulty level may be changed based on their age and skill level.

It’s a 12-game app for youngsters aged 5–7 years old that encourages number recognition and basic math skills practice.

It helps children to participate in the learning process by allowing them to create their own characters, write replies by hand, and so on.

Quick Math Jr. is said to be an award-winning app that covers the essential foundations of mathematics, including counting, addition and subtraction, place value, writing numbers and much more.

3. Khan academy kids

khan academy kids

Khan Academy Kids is an learning app programme for students. It contains hundreds of stories and activities to make learning interesting and exciting for children aged 2 to 7.

It covers a wide range of subjects, including arithmetic, languages, the arts, and social learning. The five animal characters who assist kids through their learning experience are the major attraction.

It has strong parental control features, such as the ability to restrict access to particular app parts or set preferences. It also has the advantage of being able to be accessed while offline.

In addition to that,The Khan Academy Kids Library — a curated selection of activities, books, movies, and colouring pages — allows kids to study on their own. Kids may read along with recorded audio narration or independently in our fiction, nonfiction, and fiction tiered books using our book reader.

4. Goodness shapes

goodness shapes-Educational Apps For Students

Goodness Shapes is a fun educational and games app for youngsters and toddlers. Through various challenges that include matching, sorting, and other entertaining activities, your children will get familiar with shapes, colours, and patterns.

This is a laid-back environment with plenty of games to keep kids occupied, interested, and challenged.

Goodness Shapes is thus a healthy and enjoyable game app. There are no subscriptions or additional in-app purchases, and no data is collected. There will be no third-party advertisements or pestering for ratings and reviews.

It gives an unending play experience that is challenging, engaging, and instructive for children under the age of four. Colours and shapes are among the simplest concepts for youngsters to grasp.

As a result, preschoolers and toddlers love this entertaining game.

This is one of the best educational apps for students and kids and has been evaluated by parents and preschool instructors.

5. Epic

epic book

The epic books app is available for free to elementary school teachers and librarians all across the world. Epic puts an award-winning digital library into every classroom, and it’s used in over 90% of primary schools. With badges and awards to apps for children’s books, Epic is a terrific way to encourage young readers to read more.

The books are divided into three categories: age, genre, and interest.

Parents may follow daily updates, track activities, and more to participate in their children’s reading journey. It also offers a read-to-me option for children who have not yet begun to read.

Thus, Epic carved its way as the go-to reading app for thousands of instructors across the world and is considered a renowned educational and learning app for kids.

6. Hungry caterpillar play school

hungry caterpillar

Hungry Caterpillar Play School is an great educational app for parents who want to get a head begin on their child’s education.

This educational app is immersive, engaging, and most importantly, enjoyable, with interacting characters from the whole Eric Carle universe.

Preschoolers will benefit from the programme since it covers everything they need to know, from math and science to arts and literacy.

The app is chock-full of stories and music that help kids remember what they’ve learned.

This app was created with the idea that children’s preferred method of learning is via play.

As a result, it’s jam-packed with interactive features and considered one of the best educational apps for students.

7. PBS Kids Play and Learn Science

pbs files

The PBS Kids Play and Learn Science app inspires kids to notice science in their surroundings. By simulating real-world sites and events, they are intended to function as catalysts for real-world exploration.

The accompanying hands-on activities and parent comments encourage families to “try it” at home and offer discussion starters.

It includes 15 engaging games covering core topics in Earth Science, Physical Science, and Life Science. It also includes a Parent section with tips for parent-child engagement and activities for extending the learning into the real world

Overall, it is a highly recommended app as it is intended to capitalise on a child’s inherent interest about his or her surroundings and to promote communication between children and their parents.

8. ABCmouse

abc mouse

ABC Mouse is a terrific educational app for kids since it accommodates a variety of learning techniques.

The curriculum was created by skilled educators, and with a range of activities, every youngster will be fascinated, regardless of their preferred method of education.It has garnered multiple honours from parents and teachers.

The learning route is divided into ten stages based on age and contains around 850 lessons. Its incentive system and progress metres help children stay motivated to study more. It features a variety of animated games that keep kids entertained as they learn.

Children can even design their own avatars to represent themselves.

free trial is available from ABC Mouse, however, it is just for 14 days. It’s a great option to try out the product before you buy it, and it’s also quite cheap. You have unrestricted access to all features throughout the trial, so you can truly test it out.

9. Read along

app details-Educational Apps For Students

Read Along is a free Android reading app that allows students to have enjoyment while learning to read.

It includes an in-app reading companion that listens to your young learner read aloud, gives help when they get stuck, and rewards them with stars when they succeed — all while coaching them along the way.

It is most effective for youngsters who already have a rudimentary understanding of the alphabet. The programme operates safely offline after the initial download.

Encourage young students to enjoy reading and foster learning with confidence.

It’s stories and content is available in different languages like-

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Hindi
  • Bangla
  • Urdu
  • Telugu
  • Marathi
  • Tamil

10. Class dojo


Class Dojo is a learning app tool that helps students growth character traits that lead to lifelong success. It is a virtual classroom-style app that connects teachers with students and parents to build classroom communities.

In other words, it’s a school communication app that teachers, students, and families use every day to create close-knit communities by sharing what they’re learning in the classroom with their families via images, videos, and messages.

Teachers and parents may easily access original content that helps children learn critical ideas and social-emotional skills through ClassDojo Big Ideas.

In addition to that, ClassDojo also provides an additional option called Class Dojo Plus. It is a paid membership that allows parents to keep in touch with their children throughout the day and participate in classroom activities. It gives parents insight into their child’s day, sparking meaningful conversations at home, tracks their progress in class with detailed progress reports and gives them access to exclusive content to nurture their child’s social and emotional development.

With that, we come to the end of an overview of the best educational apps for students and kids. So if you are looking for a fun, interactive, and educational way for your kids to learn? The above-mentioned examples of educational apps would surely give you what you’re looking for.

Four Components of Educational Apps
  • Active Participation
  • Social Interactions
  • Sustained Engagement
  • Media Connections

One might think that educational apps are only beneficial for the students.

But many educational apps also enhance communication between students, teachers and parents.

Because they are the ones who matter the most to the students.

What do educational apps bring to the table?

Educational apps have been influencing the mobile app development leaning for some time now.

According to statistics, educational apps for students are the most favourable mobile app category in the Google Play Store and the third most popular in the Apple Store.

Popular App Categories on Google Play Store.


Popular App Categories on the Apple Store

apple store

Education apps escort something that is not raise in many educational textbooks.

That is customization!

Every student learns things variously.

They should be able to learn and recognize things at their own step and methods.

Benefits of Educational Apps

  • Advanced classroom performance
  • Interactive and Engaging Learning
  • Limitless permit to educational materials
  • Collaboration between students, teachers and parents
  • New learning techniques
  • personal and social education

The education production has recognize the true potential of educational apps for students.

But creating a mobile app for education is not an simple assignment.

An education apps works great only when students get a opportunity to grasp things or organize their classroom activities absolute.

We have the experience, specialist, resources and any thing else you require to become a top mobile app development company.


Lastly, the online learning app is beneficial for the students, tutors, and institutions providing these courses. Google Classroom is a free learning app that consumes time and material and makes it easy to take courses, give out assignments, interact, and be organized. It is one of the most highly convenient, useful and free educational apps for students of all ages.

If you’re not taking advantage of the above mobile learning apps, you’re missing out! If you want to grow such student-friendly and customized educational apps, then Deliverable is a perfect choice for you.

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