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10 Best Online Shopping Apps in India


If you are looking for top Best Indian Shopping Apps, then you are at right place. India is one of the rapidly developing economies of the world. Here you will get to know about the cheapest online shopping apps in India for both android and ios that you can use for online shopping.

Since the Internet Revolution, Indian Markets Are Going Through Major Changes. Rapid progress in the field of mobile app development has contributed significantly. Flipkart has embellish the first online shopping app in India to connect 100 million downloads in 2017.

Before we get into the controversial 10 best apps for online shopping in India for 2021, let’s see what it takes to develop a great online mobile shopping app in India or anywhere else in the globe.

What is an online shopping app in India?

Online shopping is a section of electronic commerce where customers purchase stuff on the internet. Since smartphones have become a everyday part of our lives, most mobile apps have a big impact. And to help you select the best Best all in one shopping app in India, we have a online shopping apps list of best and cheap shopping apps that you can access right away.

The future of mobile e-commerce

Mobile commerce is projected to have the largest retail sales growth (12.2%) in 2021, which will outpace traditional eCommerce and in-store shopping. An info-graphic express over 1000 words. Check out our great info graphics on the shopping apps that Indians love the most.

Continuing the trend, an estimated 292 million people are expected to have their own mobile device by 2024. The most obvious causes why the future of mobile commerce is so crucial is that mobile ownership continues to develop.

It shows a stable upward trend future with no signs of decline. Mobile phones can grow your business in infinite ways. So, mobile is the clear future.

Important features of online shopping apps in India

As the world moves and the mobile is world. Before starting your online shopping search you should know some important features that need to be included in your shopping application. Some of the golden features of online shopping apps are given below:

1. Smart Search

  • Firstly, Make sure the user can sign-up and sign-in in different ways: via phone number, social media network, e-mail or from other account. But we say, to select from, to see everything it has to deliver you.
  • So, the core of an online shopping app is the way your app can take you from section to section, from men’s wear to electronics goods to beauty products. Make online shopping as easy and friendly as possible.
  • The more multiplex it is, the more likely your users will remember what they are looking for. So incorporate useful algorithms that learn user preferences on their own, to provide them what they want.

2. Proactive Notifications

  • Which angle does you attract seeing those shopping apps again and again?
  • You’re just curious to know if there are any offers to cash in on win purchases.
  • So, your customers expect the same from your shopping app.

3. Real Time Statistics

  • How often do you check on the app after ordering your favorite product?
  • Well, it’s natural to be curious when you want that product.
  • Every customer wants to know where his money is going. If they have already paid for their product, it is obvious that they would be curious to know its status
  • Even when there are delays, the customer is always happy to know that his product is in transit. So tracking orders, their update or status, etc should be a key feature, if you can concur it with messages or via call, it will further comfort your purchaser about your commitment.
  • So order tracking is a must in today’s time.

4. Rewards, Referrals, offers etc.

  • Well, not every day is Christmas or Diwali and online shops can have their dull days, too. It is so easy to design or advertise a poster online.
  • However, being online allows you to reach a global audience. In addition, you can send referral coupons, attractive rewards, and big sale offers to expand your business.
  • For instance, a successful reduction for those customers who purchase products from your mobile service, you can suggest a separate reward scheme.

Top 10 Online Shopping Apps in India for 2021

Some of the Best Indian Shopping Apps are given below:

So here we go !!!

1. Amazon

Online Shopping Apps in India-amazon

  • Most of you would have expected this. Well, Amazon has ruined India’s internet e-commerce business.
  • And it is one of the most widely used online shopping app in India, beating its competitors by a fair percentage of users.
  • The Amazon Apps interface is outstanding, and it delivers a wide range of goods from electronic goods, outdoor and garden, gift cards, dining pieces, gazebos, bags and accessories, exercise equipment, athletic shoes, musical facilities, merchandise for offices, books and displays, luxury goods, mobile accessories, books, home appliances, industrial, and more.
  • They have native Amazon Pay in their app and by applying their UPI, and you can take every access or payment pills and even use it for shopping. And sometimes, they also provides rewards and cashback when you pay using your Amazon Pay UPI.
  • It has a international reach, and a good service reputation in India.
  • The second number after Amazon is Flipkart which was the king before Amazon in India. Why should you go from shop to shop when you have everything you need on Flipkart — an successfully running website in India?  Amazon is one of the Best Indian Shopping Apps.

2. Flipkart


  • This shopping center is the discovery of Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, Bangalore. When the company started in 2007, its main focus was on selling books — something that has always captured the Indian mind.
  • But Flipkart slowly compiled its customer base and services over the years and became the No.1 online shopping site in India.
  • One of the best things about Flipkart is that most of the companies partner with Flipkart to offer their product only on Flipkart. Flipkart is best app for online mobile shopping.
  • Flipkart is the Best Indian Shopping Apps for clothes. This was the Indian mark on e-commerce until Walmart took 77% of its share in the world’s largest e-commerce offer.
  • For instance, many smartphone brands do. If you are looking for best shopping apps to buy products online then this is a great option.

3. Myntra

Online Shopping Apps in India-myntra

  • Myntra is famous for its funny ads more than services. Myntra is by far the best shopping app in India for fashion. With many top brands to choose from and the offers, rewards, referrals and support that offers is incomparable.
  • The amazing collection of fashion accessories, joy, sneakers and baby items have earned a reputation of myntra in the world of Indian Shopping Apps .
  • The reactions for Myntra from Android and iOS app users are similar.
  • You can search all types of trendy and trendy clothes for everyone including men, women and kids. Moreover, it is the best online shopping app to find stylish accessories and fashionable shoes.
  • They offer some high-class and smart wear for great prices. Moreover, they also have a 30-day return policy on all their products with responsive UI.

4. Nykaa


  • Nykaa is the best Indian Shopping Apps for beauty products and baby products. When it comes to baby products, we need someone we can trust.
  • It’s specialty is to distribute area specific skin tone based products.
  • You’ll almost find what you’re looking for in Nykaa and send them off, no matter where you live and what your beauty requirements are!
  • Nykaa sell over 2,500 brands of beauty and fashion through its online and offline stores.
  • It seems like it is a team that does fully research in their work area and status to tackle for perfection is unquestionably propelling this online shopping app to fame in India.

5. Ajio – Best Indian Shopping Apps

Online Shopping Apps in India-ajio

  • AJIO has come up with its slogan, “Doubt is over.”
  • Reliance Enterprises hasn’t shed its magical name “JIO” with its newly curated shopping app.
  • AJIO offers a huge variety of outfits and the reviews are more customized towards clothing than other categories.
  • Like Myntra, AJIO is also a great option for buying designer clothes. AJIO Android Apps Behind Their iOS Apps
  • It brings in the best collection of worldwide brands and with a giant like Reliance holding it, buying and selling products through AJIO is a long-term investment.

6. Bewakoof


  • Bewakoof is an online shopping site for men’s, women’s clothing and sports wear, etc.
  • Established in 2012, Bewakoof is a lifestyle fashion brand that creates creative, exclusive fashion for the modern, contemporary Indian
  • The firm is a direct-to-consumer online fashion portal and claims to do transactions of over Rs 1.5 crore per month, with T-shirts accounting for 30% of the earnings.

7. Crafts villa

Online Shopping Apps in India-craftsvilla

  • This online market is a reserve for all the craft enthusiasts. online shopping app list go without the ethnic colors of the most various country in the world?
  • That’s why here we include Craftsvilla, the perfect place for all those who value their ethnic culture and traditions. From Kalamkari art to Ramadan lehenga, the list goes on expanding
  • Craftvilla provides best online shopping list of ethic dress and culture. They have ethnic vogue designer sarees, suits, kurtas and kurtis, leggings.
  • As a buyer, you can also play a direct role in the revitalization of the intriguing craft industry of the country
  • They also have designer wedding collections, jewellery and accessories.

8. koovs


  • represents its growing customer base in India. Koovs is one of the leading fashion Indian Shopping Apps . Learn about the collections of international brands.
  • Koovs tops the list in the new dreamboat of the shopping world.
  • In addition, they also provide private label collections and excellent customer support.
  • The Cove brings both trend and class together. Its app is intuitive. It has zero delivery cost on most orders.

9. Paytm mall

Online Shopping Apps in India-paytm mall

  • Paytm Mall is an Best Indian Shopping App launched by Paytm, one of the major directing online payment systems in India.
  • It delivers a large-scale range of products to the customers, from fashion to electronics to furnishings.
  • Being tied to a reliable financial service makes the platform safe and reliable for the consumers
  • Being attach to a reliable financial service makes the principles safe and reliable for the consumers.

10. Shop Clues


  • ShopClues is known for their great selection, known ranges and prompt delivery, Shop Clues is known as a band of trust.
  • Shop Clues has all you need- Gadgets, home decor, clothing, home appliances, sporting essentials, food and beverages, etc.
  • Shop Clues is a dream app for those who are looking for huge discounts. This is the most preferred and Best Indian Shopping Apps when it comes to discounts.
  • Its customer-friendly policies and superior quality merchandise have helped it rank among the top 10 best Indian Shopping Apps .
  • This shopping location, which is located in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR, is acclaimed for its great online shopping opportunities.

Wrapping Up

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Each of the above online shopping applications claims to be the most robust. As users, however, it is still best to get to know these applications through scores, reviews, and suggestions before you start installing the app and buying it.

Effectively, all these online market applications deliver 24*7 customer support to ensure that any online dealer has absolute customer loyalty. All these online retail applications provide 24*7 customer support to ensure that any online dealer has absolute customer loyalty.

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