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An ultimate guide to make an app like Uber


How to make an app like Uber? The development of any taxi booking app involves, in most cases, creating an app like Uber, right? Especially with regard to using their business processes and strategy as a basis.

The high demand for private car rides forces entrepreneurs to think about how to build an app like Uber and launch it profitably in local markets or even around the world. Knowing the app development model and technology alone will not be enough to build an app like Uber or Ola.

And, indeed, app growth like Uber seems like a logical step not only for businessman but also for transportation companies. The rides share app development market has never been so full in recent years. New apps keep cropping up, fueled by Uber and it’s urge to grab a piece of the pie is a tremendous success.

Companies that have gained worldwide identification are always going to be role models for those who take their first stage towards success.

So if you want to build an app like Uber, it’s important to understand the company’s approach to technology and business processes. For that, I recommend you read on to learn how to build an app like Uber and how much it costs.

Overview of Uber Apps

  • Before we continue to this topic, I’d like to highlight Uber’s scale. At the last of the fourth quarter of 2020, the number of Uber users worldwide was 93 million per month. This is 19 times higher than the earlier quarter (Statista report).

  • Apart from Uber, there is another big organization in the ride sharing sector — Lyft. Although, as compared to Uber, which also had 70% of the market in 2020, Lyft had only 30%.

  • Uber presently working in 84 countries and over 800 cities. It provides a 24-hour-per-day on-request connection between uber rider apps and drivers via Android and iOS apps.

  • With a great app architecture, the Uber app connects thousands of drivers with millions of uber riders through Android and iOS apps. Both sides are aware of each other’s location and the discuss about the car’s arrival time are no longer suitable.

  • Uber has captured a large segment of the market with its seamless app-user relations, brilliant marketing campaigns, and rare error reports.
Depending on availability, Uber has a choice of different tiers of service:
various uber ride services
  • UberX — The Most Affordable Option
  • UberPool-Car Sharing option service
  • UberBLACK — The best Uber with cool cars
  • UberSUV — When Size Matters
  • UberLUX — The flagship service doesn’t need words

As you see, it is a large company of worldwide scale, which has, moreover, broken down its core service — ride sharing app development cost — into many smaller parts to meet the needs of different customers.

This trendy car-hailing service has a hidden secret, but let’s try to lift the veil a little.

How Does Uber App Works?

how uber app works

If you want to create an app like Uber, then you need to be aware of how this service works on the customer side. Developing an app like Uber isn’t just about hiring the best mobile app development company, in fact, if there’s anything that makes Uber a winner, it’s just its intuitive functionality.

General app performance can be shown in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Request. The customer requests the car through the app immediately or on time. Those requests are received by nearby drivers.

Step 2: Matching. The driver can accept or decline the ride. If they decline it, the request is sent to another driver.

Step 3: Ride. The customer follows the taxi’s approach and knows the approximate time of arrival.

Step 4: Payment. The cashless mode of payment and pre-calculated price makes the process easy for both the parties.

Step 5: Rating . It is a critical component of Uber’s business logic that drives the reliability of the service.

How To Make An App Like Uber: Features

The short time you decide to develop an app like Uber, the first question that probably comes to your mind is how much does uber cost estimate?

Do you need to hire Android app developers? The most usual answer is, both things that based on the level of difficulty you’re adding to the functionality and what features you’re filling into your app.

Let’s first consider the basic and advanced features that you can implement in an app for travelers.

Basic features of creating an Uber-like app for customers:

  • Geolocation and Direction
  • Payment incorporation
  • Registration and profile
  • Call or text the driver right from the app
  • App notifications
  • Ride cost approximation
  • Top-notch UI and UX design

Advance features:

  • Schedule a ride in advance
  • book a ride for others
  • rent sharing with peers

Now, let’s take a look at the basic and advanced features that you can build into the app for drivers.

Building an Uber app for drivers : Features

In this section, I will only cover features that can be helpful for drivers and dependent for business at the same time.

  • Driver report

The Driver Report component is planned to ensure the safety of both sides: a driver and a passenger. This describes a brief outline casing a driver’s driving style for a given time period. If incidents of careless driving continue to happen and continuous, Uber can disallow a driver who breaks the rules.

  • Advanced route optimization

If you’re designing on building a serious ride sharing business, a reasonable investment in route creating functionality is unavoidable. The better optimized the routes, the more efficient your drivers will be.

  • Driver Destinations

The Driver Destination feature increases the all together experience for the drivers who partner with the agency and hence you should consider it before building an app like Uber. Drivers can choose the favoured location and find the passengers who want to ride in that way. In this direction, drivers can productively get together work with their personal affairs.

This feature is designed to avoid loss of time and money when a customer skips or delays a booked ride. I would say this is an essential feature for app development like Uber as it minimizes the risk not only for the drivers but also for the business.

  • Heat maps

Heat map is another feature that greatly clarifies the work of the driver. With the help of heat maps, drivers can see the locations of the city where the service is most in demand, drive there to receive more requests and, therefore, generate more gain for themselves and your company.

The admin panel is the last but not the least thing you should prefer. Admin panels are usually web-based and require some effort on the part of your web development service vendor. Without any project data it is very difficult to approximate this facility as its development time is depending on many factors.

Revenue Models for an Uber Like an App

Depending on objectives, your revenue model may vary from Uber’s model. This ride-sharing platform doesn’t have a car park — it make the most of drivers who have their own cars. Uber acts as an intermediary by bringing drivers and passengers closer together. How much does it cost to make an app like Uber? In any case, it based on the performance you are going to charge your app with and the difficulty you will escort to this functionality.

So, Uber makes a profit from the rides and has a ride calculator that matches the following criteria:

  • Base Tariff (A fixed cost that the app charges for the ride service)
  • Fee for reservation (a fee to cover operating costs)
  • cost per minute
  • cost per mile

As you can see, Uber uses a reasonably dynamic pricing model. Changes in ride cost are affected dynamically by factors — availability of free drivers, holidays, bad weather, current situation on the road, etc.

Here are some revenue models you can consider if you intend to create an Uber app clone or its equivalent:
  • Fee charged from drivers
  • Charging passengers

What Factors Affect Uber App Development Cost?

factors affect uber app

There are a few other things to keep in mind when building your own Uber-like app. Apart from the common concept of the app, evaluated budget, terms and needs, we need our customers to provide us with their business targets to ensure their acquirement.

So let’s look at what factors can influence the charge before we get to the final cost of creating an app like Uber.


The set of features you choose to build an app like Uber is the settling factor in its price. The development cost will be depend on the fundamental and advanced features you want to execute in the app.

Your company type

Another truly crucial factor is the type of company. Are you an established taxi service owner or looking to start a established company?

In the first case, you want the mobile application to be developed with your business processes in mind.

Meanwhile, building a startup company involves building a business as well as an app, which offers some flexibility, but usually, tight budgets.

Each type of investment may need a multiple level.

App Development

Which platform to select? This is an age-old question for many businessman. However, the answer is very easy: if you want your app to be greatly used — choose both Android and iOS.

If your budget is low, which is not an uncommon case, you can develop an MVP based on any platform based on your target audience and their desires.

For example, Uber was first launched on iOS because iPhones were very popular in those days, with a market share (in the US market) of around 80%.


In most cases, it is more advisable to develop a native app rather than a hybrid one. The difference between them lies in the architecture, programming languages ​​and many other features.

If you’re a non-tech founder, it’s a great idea to contact with a suitable mobile development service provider before making a final decision on your Uber-like app development approach.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Uber?

Nevertheless, if all the essential features and factors including the above are considered that make your on-demand taxi booking app stand apart in the industry.

So, based on the $50 rate, the total admin panel development cost is $14,350. Taking into account all the factors mentioned in the article, the cost of building an app like Uber can range between $57,000 and $114,000 for one or two user apps (iOS and Android respectively).

Additionally, note the price of admin panel development which can start at $14,350.

Here’s a breakdown of the application development cost and the time it takes to develop:

application cost

App estimation may vary according to different companies, skills and experience of the developer. Plus, business owners can choose the features that best suit their needs and budget to launch the app.

Plus the app has been upgraded with add-on features to test level of uber.

What are the best techniques for building an app?

If we consider the question as “How to make an app like Uber in Android/iOS”, then it is better that you take its advice from the tech stack of the app.

The technical team of developers is not only well-versed with the latest technologies. It also capable of adding functionalities and features to your app with the correct decision of app development programming languages.

Tech Stack and Team

  • Business Analyst

  • Project Manager

  • UI/UX Designer

  • Android/iOS Engineer

  • Back-end developer

  • Quality assurance engineer

Technology stack for apps like Uber:
  • Kotlin for Android app

  • Swift for iOS app

  • Node.js for back-end

  • Amazon EC2

  • Amazon S3

  • PayPal / Stripe

  • Twilio

  • Elastic email


  • Google Places

  • Google Directions


  • Firebase

  • Facebook SDK

The list of technologies mentioned above is approximate and may vary based on your business objectives, app features, platform, etc.

Final Thoughts

In short, the single-platform app with MVP is almost identical to the Uber app, which will cost around $57,000 at a rate of $50 per hour. Building an on-demand taxi app like Uber is a lengthy process and requires an enormous amount of dedication, time and money.

Therefore, the business owner can select and modify the structure of the application that best suits their needs and budget. Later contact the mobile app development company. Also upgrade the app with more advanced features and develop existing business with kindly designed marketing campaigns.

If you need any help getting closer to your dream, please contact us! Our managers will answer all your questions and provide you with custom project estimates.

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