55 app ideas for successful starup

55 Awesome Mobile App Ideas For A Successful Startup

Every company wants to expand their audience, brand recognition, sales, and income generation. Creative app ideas don’t need to be simple mobile app ideas may do all of these things, as well as assist organisations in identifying many growth prospects and generating substantial money.


With the growing number of people accessing the Internet via smartphones and tablets, mobile app development provides a unique opportunity to reach a large number of potential customers. Every firm, whether a startup or a well-established market player, now needs at least a simple mobile app idea.

So, if you haven’t planned to build a mobile app for your company, you’re already behind the curve. It’s critical to start planning now if you want to beat the competition and stay ahead of the pack.

All you have to do now is come up with an inventive mobile app idea for beginners and contact a reputable mobile app development services supplier.

55 Trending Mobile App Ideas for 2021

The cell phone is here, right here, and the future will emerge from this very instant. Take care of the here and now, and the future will take care of itself. So revamp your business with some of the coolest and never before mobile app ideas for beginners, we have in store for you.

1. My Chef app ideas

my chef

  • We can confidently say that food excites everyone and everyone would agree, right? At the very least, hunger is something we can all agree on without any debate. And nothing satisfies you like a delectable home-cooked meal.
  • So here’s the first trending app idea for you: An app that caters to folks who have a taste for certain comfort foods and want them produced at their house.
  • This app will offer a directory of recognised home chefs who specialise in specific meals. Users may rank chefs and create a list of their favourite cooks for certain cuisines.
  • Customers who are missing their house in the city will benefit from the software.
  • Booking the chef, revealing the user’s location, and providing a route map to the chef to locate the user’s apartment are all possible features of the app. Because the target clients are likely to be well-off and from developed nations, the software will fit better in the iOS app store.

2. Ecommerce App ideas


  • If you’re wondering if it’s too late to start an eCommerce business, I can assure you that it is never too late. Even though the eCommerce industry is flooded with company app ideas and practically every segment now has an eCommerce presence, the stage is yours if you have a distinctive idea.
  • It’s crucial to find a niche and create a business around it. In today’s world, when the Internet of Things is extremely popular, an eCommerce platform that offers smart home items, for example, will be quite valuable.
  • People are also more open to the concept of recycling second-hand goods as they strive toward a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • You may make it big in the industry of eCommerce app development if you come up with such distinctive and relevant concepts.

3. Lyrics Tracker App ideas

lyrics tracker

  • At some point, most of us have found ourselves in one of the following circumstances. We hear a song and enjoy it, but we forget the lyrics, leaving us with only the humming part or a fragment of the song.
  • Otherwise, certain words come to us abruptly, and we don’t know whose song it is.
  • In both circumstances, we rely on our memories to determine the music.
  • Isn’t it a fantastic concept for a mobile app? An app that can identify a piece of music just on a few words or humming.
  • It will be much better if you can sing the part you know so that the app can identify the song and vocalist.

4. Grocery Delivery App ideas

grocery delivery

  • Web app ideas for grocery delivery are a mobile app concept that has exploded in popularity after the emergence of the coronavirus.
  • While huge corporations like Amazon began offering food delivery, we also saw several local brick and mortar retailers migrate to online platforms.
  • It ensures one thing: there is a large market for you to sell to. Concentrate on selling organic or natural supermarket items, or offer frozen meals.
  • So come up with a concept and go to work on your grocery app.

5. Toys Give Away App ideas

toys give away apps

  • Those who have children at home are aware of how much room toys use. And, as the children grow older, their interests shift, and the house will soon be overrun with toys.
  • The next mobile app proposal is to create a marketplace for parents to sell or swap outdated toys with one another.
  • Exchanging is a great option because your child will enjoy the new item and will not hate losing the old one.
  • It can save parents time and money by allowing them to save old toys instead of buying new ones.

6. Travel Plan app ideas

travel plan

  • We all fantasise about taking extended vacations. However, when the time comes, we will all be trapped. However, a clever trip planner may make a difference.
  • The Travel Plan app concept provides typical traveller apps with a new perspective. It allows users to sync their work schedules with the app.
  • With Google MyAnalytics and other Office 365 features, this is achievable.
  • The app will collect information about your favourite vacation spots. It will match your tastes and schedule to your typical vacations to find the ideal travel date for you.
  • It will employ BigData analysis to capture the opening time, the best time, and the must-see attractions for you, all of which will be incorporated into your travel itinerary.

7. Taxi Dispatch App ideas

taxi dispatch

  • These services have been in high demand since the launch of Uber. 1588 million people are estimated to use online taxi services by 2024.
  • Although it needs a certain amount of commitment, the good news is that you may double your investment within a financial year.
  • You determine the app’s success by the level of services you provide.
  • If you can ensure high-quality service, taxi app development is a feasible sector to pursue.

8. Classified App ideas

classified apps-Mobile App Ideas

  • People no longer second-guess themselves when conducting internet transactions.
  • Buying and selling products over the internet has become increasingly popular in recent years. The popularity of classified apps such as OLX, Quikr, eBay, and others demonstrates this.
  • Classified apps are more adaptable and have a wider reach than eCommerce apps.
  • Whether you have things to offer, want to assist customers in finding the right buyer/seller, or want to use classified app development for marketing purposes, classified app development has you covered.

9. Expiry Date Tracker App ideas

expiry date tracker app

  • At some point, most of us will have used something that has passed its expiration date. People frequently overlook the expiration date and continue to use the same product.
  • Everyone can use this trending app idea..So, if we have an app to track the expiration date of perishables, we can avoid a gastrointestinal tragedy.

10. Your Interior Design App ideas

your interior design

  • You’re moving into a new apartment or considering remodelling your home but have no experience with interior design. Why not create an app for it?
  • An Augmented Reality (AR)-based programme may build a 3D representation of how your property would appear with the furniture and other designs.
  • The software can help with interior design.
  • Other features, such as colour recommendations, can be added to the app as well.

11. Food Delivery App ideas

food delivery

  • It’s been a while since food delivery apps made an appearance in people’s daily lives.
  • Covid-19, on the other hand, has boosted the rise of meal delivery apps.
  • So now is the ideal moment to try your hand at developing a meal delivery app with some fresh app ideas.
  • For instance, a trending app idea that employs augmented reality to produce interactive menu cards to help consumers make better ordering decisions.
  • This would give your food delivery app a new dimension and attract more clients.

12. My Parking Space

my parking space

  • Cities serve like magnets, drawing people in. The city, whether developed or developing, is a space with a very high population density.
  • It turns space become a city’s most precious asset. We’ve come up with a trending app idea for locating a parking spot in the city.
  • There will be various preliminaries, such as establishing parking spaces, determining peak hours, and identifying congested regions, among others.
  • The software may use Google’s GPS and traffic monitoring data, as well as other services, to find and recommend the best parking spots.
  • In addition, the app can recommend parking early on festival days, odd occurrences, accidents, or special events. This mobile app concept can take advantage of current mobile app trends to attract a lot of users.

13. The School Supplies Hub App

school supplies

  • All pupils will be left with their old books and tools after the school year. Some of these may or may not be required in the future.
  • Many school items will be left with the pupils, especially when there is a change of stream. Other pupils can utilise old books and other resources like geometry boxes if there is an arrangement to gather them.
  • It would be a huge enterprise if an engineer could design a successful mobile app to gather these school supplies and provide them to the youngster in need.

14. Your Wish Fulfiller App

your wish fulfiller

  • It is the season when individuals set several New Year’s resolutions and then fail to keep them. Many positive decisions are made by people, such as learning new things, reading books, travelling, and being healthy. These decisions, on the other hand, don’t even last a month.
  • However, if you are always motivated to realise your desires, things might be a little different. When someone stimulates you regularly, it is human nature to be inspired.
  • A mobile app is an excellent option. People will put in the work if your software reminds them of the goal regularly. There may also be options for setting intermediate objectives. If they accomplish their target, it might be a wonderful idea to include some thank-you letters as well.

15. Doctor Appointment App

doctor appointment

  • Doctors, patients, and healthcare providers have all benefitted from digital healthcare services.
  • Doctor appointment apps are a valuable mobile app concept that may assist all parties involved to save time and effort. It might be an app that allows patients to arrange appointments on their own or through a physician.
  • Patients would save time and money by not having to drive great distances or wait in big lines if they use such booking apps.
  • The creation of doctor appointment apps is on the increase, and now is the best moment to invest in one.

16. Integrated Medicine App

medicine app

  • For nearly 6 million years, our forefathers have wandered this planet. As a result, the type of illnesses they discovered differs from place to location.
  • People nowadays travel extensively outside of their hometowns. As a result, the basic components for such age-old Granny treatments may not always be available.
  • As a result, the static android app idea, to create a separate healthcare app was born. We offer an app that has a database of all home remedies, which is organised mostly along regional and cultural lines. The user’s present location will determine the type of medicine he or she can try.
  • There’s also a requirement to categorise treatments according to their symptoms and illnesses. As a final resort, “call the doctor” can be included.

17. Payment Wallet App

payment apps

  • The economy is becoming entirely digital, with cashless transactions becoming the norm.
  • Several online payment apps have already gained popularity. However, there is still room for improvement. If you can create a payment wallet software with unique features and secure services, you have a good chance of making a major splash.
  • Consider how quickly people have accepted Google Pay and how it has now become a common form of money transfer! Now is the moment to act if you have any app ideas along such lines!

18. Song For Your Mood App

songfor your mood

  • It could pique the curiosity of music fans, and there are a lot of them.
  • The type of music that a person listens to is determined by their mood. When a person is at work, they will listen to music that is different from what they would listen to at a party.
  • The music chosen is determined by the person’s mood and the activity they are engaged in. So, why not create an app that can detect the user’s mood and provide them with the appropriate music?
  • The same may be said for movies. If an app can recommend movies based on the user’s mood, they can skip selecting films from a long list organised by category.

19. Flight Booking App

flight booking

  • The travel and tourism business has grown significantly during the last decade.
  • The rise of simple mobile app ideas coincided with this period. Travel-related tasks were facilitated through the development of smartphone apps.
  • The flight booking app is an app concept that is in high demand and has a steady market. People like being able to book a flight at their leisure rather than having to queue at a travel agency.
  • It has a lot of promise if you can add some other features like weather prediction and prizes and design a flight booking app.

20. Find Out Your Missing Item App

find out

  • Keys, eyeglasses, and television remotes are common objects that mysteriously vanish, especially when you are in a hurry. We put a lot of effort into locating them.
  • Why not create a static android app idea to help you locate these necessary items? We can keep track of the objects on the app, and if they go missing, the web app idea will assist you in locating them.
  • The app can be useful with the aid of IoT and Artificial Intelligence. It may be beneficial to anybody, regardless of age.

21. Healthcare App


  • Healthcare industry leads the way in transforming every sector through digitization.
  • There are several mobile app concepts in this field. Web App ideas to track medical records, exercise apps, wellness apps, and remote monitoring apps abound! Telemedicine web app ideas have recently become more popular as a result of the Covid epidemic.
  • It offers online consultations, making healthcare more accessible and accessible to a larger audience.
  • Healthcare app development has a bright future ahead of it, and it will be a wise investment!

22. Share a Book

share a book

  • A social media-style app dedicated just to book enthusiasts. Not everyone can afford to read, and libraries are few and far between particularly in rural areas and communities.
  • For book enthusiasts, this mobile app concept might brighten their day. It’s a platform for readers who enjoy collecting and exchanging books.
  • Users will register apps by declaring the books they own, both online and offline. The software allows readers in the area to talk, organise meetups, host literary events, and more.
  • Readers may use this android app idea to create an online library of e-books and simplify the exchange of physical books. Apple better enables utility-specific apps because iOS app development always includes a traditional touch.

23. Give-Away Your Items App

give away app

  • When people move or redecorate their homes, a lot of things end up in the garbage, generally because they can’t fit in the house.
  • So here’s one of the many app ideas we’ve put togther. It’s a platform where you can give away your used goods online.
  • It might be furniture, electronics, or even clothing. You can donate it to a charity or to anyone else who is in need.

24. Salon App

salon app

  • People are no longer reliant on outdated technologies to grow their businesses. Instead, they’re coming up with innovative methods to communicate with clients.
  • phone application idea for salons is a good illustration of this. We all need to go to the salon at least once a month.
  • However, in our fast-paced lives, this may not always be practical or simple.
  • Salon app development is the ideal answer to this issue. Imagine the convenience consumers would feel and the sales that will result if they can obtain salon services at their fingertips!

25. Make Your Phone Silent App ideas


  • We all know how awful it is when your phone calls during a crucial meeting or in a religious setting. It isn’t on purpose; folks forget to turn them off.
  • So here’s a good app idea to help you avoid such kinds of scenarios.
  • It might be useful if the app can follow the user’s location and switch to quiet mode automatically.
  • So you don’t have to worry about turning your phone off while visiting a religious or educational institution.

26. Restaurant App ideas


  • Do you run a restaurant and are having trouble attracting customers as a result of the rise of meal delivery apps and other similar services? Or are you looking for a simple approach to run your restaurant? Here’s where a basic mobile app may be able to help you.
  • Increase your restaurant’s sales tenfold by integrating a meal ordering/delivery app.
  • Alternatively, create a restaurant management app that allows customers to make reservations and pay bills, as well as restaurant personnel to take orders.
  • App development for restaurants may help you remain ahead of the competition and grow your business.

27. Invest in Ideas

invest in ideas

  • An excellent concept requires more backing. Our sixth mobile app concept is to rescue app ideas from oblivion.
  • Every user may establish a profile and express their ideas in this app concept. It will necessitate some minimal benchmark to deliver the worthy concept of increased visibility.
  • Before constructing the software, collaboration from the investor side will be critical.
  • It will be critical to have a good user interface to help investors locate the concepts they are looking for.
  • One method of developing an interface is to classify app ideas according to their industry.
  • This software has the potential to ignite a creative revolution unlike any other, providing a platform for ideas to meet investors.

28. Food Give Away App

food giveaway

  • Another option for a basic mobile app is for a social purpose. Most people have probably wondered what happens to the food that restaurants and caterers don’t use. What if we were able to feed the hungry?
  • What if a web app idea could be created to make use of these extra foods? An app that assists restaurants and caterers in locating hungry customers.
  • Thousands of people do not have enough food to eat, and many of them can only have one meal every day.
  • So, wouldn’t it be fantastic if a smartphone app could assist a few individuals to survive?

29. Laundry App ideas


  • When there are unmet requirements, app ideas develop.
  • The optimum moment to launch fresh ideas in the on-demand market is now, as on-demand services receive greater attention and recognition. Creative ideas don’t need to be unusual.
  • The finest ideas are those that can make people’s daily life easier.
  • Who wouldn’t want their laundry taken care of in their hectic day-to-day lives? By creating a laundry android app idea that picks up laundry and returns it clean, you will be providing a useful service to many people!

30. The Virtual Study Room App

study room

  • The epidemic has caused the lessons to be held online at this time.
  • As a result, there is no place for pupils to study together.
  • good app idea that allows students to establish virtual study rooms where they can share notes and discuss what they’ve learned.
  • It can benefit all students, especially those who are hesitant to ask their lecturers questions.

31. Car Wash App ideas


  • If you own a car, you are well aware that car washing may be a hassle.
  • An automobile should be washed every week or two. A vehicle owner may either wash their automobile at home or take it to a car wash facility.
  • Both of these things take time and can’t always be done when it’s convenient for them.
  • So, how about creating a car wash android app idea that allows clients to book car washes directly from their smartphones? It’ll be a smash if you can offer some unique features and excellent service.

32. The Skill App

the skill

  • We live in a world where brilliant individuals are searching for work but are unable to find it.
  • With the advancement of mobile technology, education is undergoing a significant revolution.
  • Individual talent and talents usually trump credentials and formal recommendations in today’s business world.
  • Formalism unwittingly destroys creativity, which is the sizzling spirit in the casual everyday being. Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Rabindranath Tagore, and many more were notable for refusing to be conditioned by a traditional “one-size-fits-all” educational method.
  • Individuals that are active and vivacious will benefit from this app. They might be looking for a coach or a trained specialist. Others could be looking forward to demonstrating their abilities.
  • The web app ideas will include professional trainers in a variety of professions, and users will be able to interact with them and schedule sessions.
  • The software will improve both employment and skills at the same time.

33. App for the Color Blind

app for colorblind

  • Colour blindness is a very prevalent condition. Colour discrimination is tough for people with these difficulties, especially red and green.
  • And we all know how crucial red and green are, as well as traffic signals, supermarket buying, and clothing selection.
  • A good app idea that recognises colourblind people. They may feel it humiliating to seek assistance from others.
  • If an app can assist them in recognising colours, it can considerably aid them in overcoming their impairment.
  • It’s one of the most innovative basic mobile app concepts on the list.

34. Freshness Checker App

freshness checker app

  • This app concept will assist you in determining the freshness of fruits and vegetables.
  • Our main aim is to create a phone app to verify the freshness of things when shopping at a supermarket.
  • This good app idea might also include functionality that predicts how long the item will remain fresh.
  • People who have recently begun living alone or who have not yet done their grocery shopping may find the app useful.

35. Fuel Delivery App

fuel delivery app

  • Isn’t it convenient to have a cool app idea that delivers fuel? We’ve all been in circumstances when we’ve been stranded in the middle of a journey owing to a lack of gasoline.
  • It’s a difficult predicament to be in! If you needed to get someplace quickly, it may derail your plans because locating a nearby gas station and refilling your tank is a difficult process.
  • Fuel delivery apps provide a simple answer to this problem. It allows consumers to order gasoline delivery from wherever they want using their cell phones.
  • Fuel delivery app development is a terrific concept if you have the desire because it is a market with a lot of potentials and little competition.

36. Digital Magazine App

digital magagine

  • The number of digital readers is increasing. Many of us have become online readers as a result of being able to access a wealth of information with a simple Google search.
  • Digital reading has been boosted by the advent of ebooks and online newspapers.
  • A digital magazine app is a creative yet basic mobile app concept for investing in this trend.
  • It will allow users to access magazines on their mobile devices while also assisting magazine publishers in reaching a larger audience.
  • You may be as creative as you want when it comes to the sort of magazine you want to publish. It may be cartoons, diaries, or current events — the options are endless!

37. Own a Farmer

farmer app

  • We live in an era where being organic is the norm. However, the majority of individuals utilise organic goods with a sense of internal tension. They just have no idea how it was created?
  • This android app idea will foster a cooperative relationship between farmers and health seekers. The expense and complexity of producing organically are the main reasons why farmers turn to artificial alternatives. And the answer is to bring the fund and the farmers together.
  • Our mobile app proposal presents a strategy called “Own a Farmer.” The software gives users the option of forming a group or acting alone. Individuals or organisations will next make contact with the farmers who have enrolled. The farmer will be shown based on the crops he grows.
  • When the app is linked, it gives you access to the farmer’s field, which is protected by strategically positioned CCTV cameras.
  • Access to the region 24 hours a day, 7 days a week assures confidence and happiness. The monies will be transferred ahead of time so that farmers may obtain resources.
  • The farmer has the option of keeping either the money or a portion of the crop. There are a plethora of top basic mobile app development frameworks to choose from when it comes to turning your good app idea into reality.

38. Save Your Important Day App

save your important day

  • We all have that special day when everything has to be just right. An interview, a business meeting, or a lecture can all be examples.
  • People become enthralled or frightened. They have a habit of forgetting important details.
  • People can be more prepared if an app can forecast all of the potential calamities for the day.
  • If there is severe traffic, for example, you may be late or forget your laptop. All of these forecasts might assist you in properly preparing.
  • It might be another addition to the 2021 trendy good app ideas.

39. Field Sales App

field sale

  • One of the most powerful and tried-and-true marketing strategies is field sales. However, it is not a simple field.
  • A field salesperson’s productivity and peace of mind are often harmed by having too many items on hand. So how about a simple mobile app concept that makes their lives a little easier?
  • These can include daily target web app ideas, which allow field sales agents to track and update their goals, order management apps, which allow them to handle their daily orders and assure delivery, and agent tracking apps, which allow agents to quickly cover their whole territory.
  • Field sales app development has a sizable industry and a bright future.

40. What You Want to Eat App

what you want to eat

  • You open all of your meal delivery apps and continue to look for food until you ultimately order the same old cuisine from the same old restaurant. We’ve all been in the circumstance described above.
  • What about a small app idea that allows individuals to search for the type of cuisine they wish to eat? The type of food you eat is determined by your mood. It might be incredibly hot biryani or cheesy pizza at times.
  • If an app can recognise the type of food you desire, all you have to do now is look for it. It can help you save a significant amount of time and work.

41. Logistics App


  • The logistics business is booming, and digital services can help it greatly.
  • Three essential components of a logistics service are good communication, simplicity of transportation, and delivery assurance.
  • And what better way to put them into action than through basic mobile apps? Logistics tracking apps that look after consignments, management apps that delegate parcel services to drivers and vehicle booking apps are all wonderful concepts for logistics app development.

42. Your Power App

your power

  • In its UNFCCC conference, the United Nations is emphasising the need to become green in order to save the planet. And this lovely green earth owes it to every one of us. As a result, our 9th mobile app concept is devoted to the planet.
  • To gather consumption statistics, the app idea now entails connecting your green energy grid with your regular power source.
  • The software assists the user in determining the quantity of energy available at his solar cell pool, wind energy, and other sources. Depending on the user’s renewable energy storage capacity, the app will recommend a green aim.
  • Power electrical switching tools can be integrated into the app to allow switching between green and conventional power. With the help of the assistant, you may develop the concept further.

43. The Brand Authenticity Checker App

brand authentically

  • Huge discounts on well-known brands frequently cause consumers to question the product’s genuineness. It’s difficult to tell whether a product is genuine or a knockoff.
  • Here’s an app idea that hasn’t been made for determining the product’s validity. The software assists you in determining whether the goods are genuine and belong to the stated brand.
  • Additional elements, such as brand information, can be added. More information about a brand may be obtained by scanning its name or logo.

44. Event Management App ideas

app ideas

  • In recent years, event management has become quite popular. Most events, large and small, now use an event management service to ensure their success.
  • Isn’t it an excellent idea to have a simple mobile app that helps them organise better and execute their work more efficiently? They may use the software to organise everything down to the last detail, cooperate more effectively, and coordinate tasks more effectively.
  • Building an event management app may offer tremendous value to organisations as new event management companies emerge and the field becomes more popular.

45. Track Your Mood App

track your mood

  • We all have our schedules during the day. There are early birds and night owls.
  • Our work is also influenced by our emotions. The most critical tasks should be completed when you are in the finest of moods.
  • The next simple mobile app concept is to track your mood swings throughout the day.
  • When do individuals feel their happiest and saddest? People can schedule their days based on the production.
  • It has the potential to make each day more productive and pleasurable.

46. Truck Management App

app ideas

  • Managing the truck fleet is one of the logistics industry’s most difficult tasks.
  • It’s a challenging effort to check the availability of trucks, ensure their arrival, departure, and running state, and manage consignments.
  • A smartphone app can make things a lot easier. It can help you save a lot of time and effort.
  • It is a simple app that needs to be made to list all of the vehicles and their current state, providing all of the necessary information at a glance.
  • A wonderful basic mobile app concept is to create a truck booking app to help with better transportation services.

47. My AR Carbon Print

carbon print

  • The importance of citizens in pollution management cannot be overstated.
  • Our next app concept is a tool that makes everyone aware of their carbon footprint. It also employs Augmented Reality (AR) and machine learning.
  • For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of carbon footprint, let me say a few things about it.
  • It is the quantity of carbon that we, as people, communities, or businesses, emit into the environment.
  • This small app idea entails a scanner that relies on the user’s fingertip input.
  • You may draw a circle around the activity on your screen to help the scanner recognise it.
  • Activities that aren’t in the app database will require your help. The app will self-learn and build a daily, weekly, and monthly chart throughout the course of the month.
  • It will also recommend the required behavioural, habits, and other modifications to make your life more environmentally friendly.

48. Dabba Wala App

Mobile App Ideas

  • You’ve probably heard of Mumbai’s famed dabbawalas. They have also earned international fame for distributing meals to hundreds of offices around Mumbai while dressed in a white costume and Gandhi headgear.
  • These dabbawalas are the inspiration for our upcoming basic mobile app concept. Consider an app that allows you to order a prepared lunch to be delivered to your office! Aren’t you already rooting for it?
  • It will be a fantastic app concept that will appeal to a wide range of clients.

49. Places Not To Visit App

places not to visit

  • The concept is rather unique.
  • You may frequently discover apps that haven’t been made that assist you in planning your journey. But what if there are some areas you want to stay away from?
  • For example, places with a high rate of robbery or social problems. Or even foods that you should avoid eating because you are allergic to them or they cause you to have a sour stomach.
  • An app that warns you about locations you shouldn’t visit and foods you shouldn’t consume.
  • When you visit areas where the native language is unfamiliar to you, this might be an issue.
  • The software can assist you in avoiding unpleasant situations.

50. Your Food Buddy App

app ideas

  • What if you don’t have somebody to accompany you to a new restaurant? It is not everyone’s cup of tea to eat alone. So, what are your options now?
  • An app to help you discover a meal companion. People who share the same food interests may use the small app idea to connect and hang together.
  • We have witnessed how effective restaurant app development has grown since food is an emotion that brings people together.
  • Food-related app concepts may be quite popular.

51. The Try On Store App ideas

try on stores

  • Who doesn’t enjoy going shopping? But what if you could really try the things on? To improve the user experience, the app will incorporate Augmented Reality (AR).
  • The idea is to create an online e-commerce app where you can try stuff on.
  • The store might feature a variety of areas, such as gadgets, decorations, make-up, clothing, watches, and anything else that a consumer might want to try on before making a purchase.
  • Once the consumer has chosen their purchases, they will be eligible for either paid or free delivery, depending on how you want to operate.

52. Find Flexible Work App ideas

app ideas

  • Flexible work culture became more popular as millennials and Generation Z entered the workforce.
  • In this case, an app that allows users to search for flexible jobs would be excellent. The app may serve as a platform for companies to discuss their skill requirements, as well as the hiring time and other facts.
  • Interested candidates can contact them through this cool app idea that hasn’t been made.
  • This might be advantageous to both parties. The younger generation is uninterested in being bound to a single job or a rigid work schedule. Flexible employment options can meet their creative demands while also providing them with the security of a job and the ability to do it in a variety of ways.
  • Employers will be able to hire depending on demand thanks to this platform.
  • The demand for a wide range of talents is growing all the time, especially in areas like IT.
  • Recruiting full-time staff to meet all of the requirements would be prohibitively expensive and difficult to manage. In cases like this, flexible work might be beneficial. It can also be advantageous for students, distant professionals, and those who require flexibility in their schedules.

53. Sports App ideas


  • If you’re a sports enthusiast, you’ve probably considered this possibility.
  • Sports app development is in the spotlight, especially with the current surge in fantasy sports with web app ideas like Dream 11.
  • The good news about fantasy sports is that there is a lot of demand and a limited number of players.
  • As a result, it’s a concept worth considering. If fantasy sports aren’t your thing, consider programmes that offer online sports instruction.
  • With the rising amount of individuals interested in sports, this is an app concept that should be implemented!

54. Book Review App ideas

app ideas

  • Readers have an inexhaustible supply of books to read. When it comes to choosing their next read, they are constantly perplexed.
  • The majority of the time, people make their decision based on book reviews. However, finding reliable reviews is difficult.
  • This book review app idea is one of the app ideas, used to make it easier for readers to locate book reviews.
  • An app that allows users to submit a photo of a book cover and search for reviews. Isn’t it fascinating?
  • The software would pull reviews from well-known sites like Amazon, LibraryThing, Goodreads, and others.
  • Users may use this cool app idea that hasn’t been made to compare reviews from numerous sources and make an informed decision about whether or not to buy or read the book!

55. Pet Fit App ideas

app ideas

  • Pets have been man’s favourite companion for centuries. Every pet owner wishes for their pets to be healthy and lively.
  • This app concept involves pet fitness.
  • It can track the activity and workouts of the pet, evaluate the data, and generate a report.
  • If you’re going to the vet, this can be useful. It can also assist you in selecting pet items or services based on the activities of your pet.
  • It can alert the owner if the pet’s behaviour is unusual, allowing them to intervene and provide correct care for the animals.
  • The app may also send messages and reminders to pet owners, such as when it’s time to buy food or go for a walk.


The primary goal of developing an app is to increase your company’s revenue. You must also make certain that the programme will survive the test of time. These things are only achievable if your app ideas are based on novel concepts. And we’ve got you covered there, too.

At Deliverable, we’ve worked on e-commerce apps, travel booking apps, fuel delivery apps, restaurant apps, and so on. If you have a great app concept and want to make it a reality, contact us at info@deliverable.services and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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