best video editing apps in 2024

Best Video Editing Apps In 2024

The top video editing applications for Android, iPhone, and iPad are tested by our professional reviewers.

Want to create attractive social media clips or feature films via your phone or tablet? Not any more. The best video editing apps for iPhone and Android enable you to create great material directly from your mobile device. We tested the greatest video editing applications for Android, iOS, and iPad. 

Downloading a free video editing program for Android or iPhone gives you the tools you need to quickly create entire commercials or wild YouTube videos. But which software should you download? Don’t worry; our team’s got you prepared. Here are our top free video editing applications for iPhone and Android. 

Why are video editing apps are important?

Video editing apps are extremely popular because of their ability to easily enhance and customize videos. Whether you want to create compelling YouTube content, share unforgettable experiences on Instagram, or generate professional videos for your business, the appropriate video editing program can make a huge impact.

A snapshot of the top three free editing apps.

1. PowerDirector: Google Editors' Choice

PowerDirector is the best AI-powered video editing tool, with body and animation effects.

2. Vivid Cut: Best Face Video Editor App

Vivid Cut is one of the best beauty video editors, transforming your films into eye-catching graphics that help you stand out.

3. Promeo: Best App for Small Business

Promeo can be downloaded as a free video editing app on both iOS and Android. It is a simple to use tool for rapidly creating social media content.

How To Find The Best Video Editing App

The huge amount of video editing programs available for download makes it difficult to choose a good one. Your budget is an important consideration as well. Many of the video editing programs on our list provide a free 3- to 7-day trial to test out major features. Here are the top 14 best video apps given below.

14 Best Free Video Editing Applications

1. PowerDirector – Google Editors' Choice

powerdirector - best video editing apps

If you prefer to work with a standard video timeline, choose PowerDirector. Turning a snapshot into a cartoon has just been popular, but PowerDirector is currently leading the way in applying such modifications to videos. The program includes a built-in stock library and over 4300+ customisable templates, allowing you to quickly make videos. The developers recently added a portrait editing mode.

Even if you’ve never edited before, the strong capabilities and straightforward interface allow you to get started right away. A linear timeline allows you to put together your clips. The audio mixer is ideal for sound design in your projects.

Numerous AI Body Effects that are brand-new PowerDirector video effects are also included. These effects have lately been popular on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Apply instantaneous video effects to dancing videos or videos that feature moving objects or people to wow your audience and keep them watching your channel. Select from shadow, out-of-body, and wraparound video effects to achieve the precise look you want.

Key Features:
  • This is the world’s first anime video software that cartoonizes videos. 
  • Integrated video stabilisation to precisely remove camera wobble.
  • Quickly transcribe audio using auto captioning. 
  • With a few taps, you can rotate, cut, and splice videos.

2. Vivid Cut


Another useful Android video editing app is called Vivid Cut. When  it comes to video editing, Vivid Cut is the best option available for both novices and experts alike. It provides an extensive array of AI tools to create and modify your images. 

Other than providing you with amazing artwork, Vivid AI is safe to use and doesn’t store or use any of your personal information. The application, which is categorised as Multimedia, is aimed primarily at photographers who wish to intensify the colour in their images. 

You can target particular sections of your face for adjustment with brilliant Cut’s face reshape function. Additionally, it spreads its transformational powers to your body in addition to your face.

It’s easy to achieve flawless skin with Vivid Cut. You can select the desired level of perfection with the smoothing tool’s array of editing intensities.

Key Features: 
  • Reshape the face
  • Body-shaping
  • Smoother for skin with Magic Color AI
  • Vintage video filters
  • Animated physical effects

3. Promeo: The Finest App for Small Enterprises

Promeo - best video editing apps

With just three clicks and a time-saving video editing program, Promeo lets you produce social network advertising content. Promeo includes all the tools you need to create visually appealing and original social media content. Templates: Get over 10,000 pre-made, social media-ready templates. audio: For your videos, choose from a wide variety of royalty-free audio files. Stock: Use millions of stock images and movies to create designs.

Making a post is as easy as selecting your preferred design, swapping out the images or videos, and sending it to your followers immediately.

There are many different categories of social media content templates, including education, wellness, sports, real estate, food, fashion, travel, and money. Additionally, new designs and templates tailored to specific seasons and promotions are published on a monthly basis, so you’ll never run out of inspiration when it comes to creating social media material.

Key Features:
  • Perfect for posting on social media
  • Simple to employ
  • totally editable, readily available templates
  • Included are typefaces, stickers, royalty-free music, stock images, and movies.

4. Adobe Premier Rush

Adobe premier rush

How could we not include Adobe’s product in our list of the top Android best video editing apps? Adobe Premier Rush is an indispensable app for Creative Cloud customers.  You can change the speed of the movie, merge multiple clips, choose from thousands of soundtracks, experiment with color presets, and add images.

If you have a Premier Rush Premium or Creative Cloud plan, you can sync your creations and edit them on another phone.

Key Features:
  • Modify your clip on your timeline.
  • Add and modify audio.
  • Modify the video’s color, size, and location.
  • Customize titles.

5. KineMaster: For Experienced Editors

Kinemaster - best video editing apps

KineMaster provides prepared templates in several categories like Instagram, YouTube intro, vlog, reels, gaming, and more. You can edit, cut, and adjust clips on a frame-by-frame basis. Of course, this also applies to audio tracks. These precise editing features make sure that your videos turn out just as you want. KineMaster is one of the best video editing apps.

You can also start a new video from scratch. KineMaster uses the same familiar landscape interface and includes all of the necessary video editing features.

Other KineMaster capabilities involve transitions, blending, chroma keying, and lighting modifications. All of these tools are offered through an easy-to-use interface.

Key Feature: 
  • Accurate editing controls
  • Professional-grade tools

6. InShot: For emerging social media content creators


InShot’s features are mostly geared at influencers. It provides basic and expert video editing capabilities for producing stylish clips which make it one of the best video editing apps. The program includes necessary editing capabilities and a comfortable learning curve. It even offers features that other editing programs lack, such as speed changes.

It detects the body and applies unique AI effects to produce professional films. With over 1000 stickers, humorous memes, designer backdrops, and support for creative picture collages, you can make your video stand out on social media in just a few minutes.

Key Features: 
  • Simple to employ
  • Suitable for TikTok and Instagram.

7. Filmmaker Pro: The Greatest Vertical Editing Tool

Filmmaker pro -best video editing apps

Filmmaker is one of the best video applications for vertical editing. The mobile tool has all the cutting-edge capabilities you need to create productions that win awards. Whenever you want to edit green screen clips or switch between chroma keys, you have total flexibility.

A freemium business model underpins Filmmaker Pro, with in-app purchases necessary for the best features. You can access a wide variety of audio files, tools, and drawings by purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription. 

Furthermore, when you export the finished output, unwanted watermarks can be removed.

Key Features:
  • 200 fonts, 30 filters, and 17 animations
  • green screen editing
  • voiceovers with audiometer assistance

8. Quik: The Greatest Montage Video Editor


GoPro’s response to mobile video editing is called Quik. It’s a straightforward iOS and Android program made to integrate with your GoPro camera, allowing you to import footage into your tablet or phone and proceed accordingly. GoPro created Quik to create quick and entertaining films. You may combine clips, add a theme or soundtrack, and export in a matter of minutes. Quik is the app to use in order to generate a brief video on Instagram.

If you own a GoPro, the membership is really alluring. It’s possible that non-GoPro users can find a better video editing program elsewhere.

Key Features: 
  • Perfect for montages of videos
  • permits a variety of orientations
  • includes incorporated themes

9. Mojo: The Greatest for All Social Media Post Types

Mojo-best video editing apps

Mojo provides a range of video sizes to align with the most widely used social media networks. Popular subjects as well as templates are shown on the home menu to help you get started with content creation. 

Because the UI is modelled around social media sites, people who use either Instagram or Facebook frequently should have no trouble locating what they’re searching for.

With best Mojo, you can make your own Brand Kit and add your own logo, colours, and fonts if you have your own brand.You cannot use the app’s three-day free trial without subscribing after downloading it.

Key Features:
  • Numerous animated templates
  • A range of stickers and effects
  • Monthly updates 
  • Access to millions of stock images

10. iMovie: For iOS Beginners


Although there are other iPhone video editing apps available, iMovie isn’t the best option for serious content creators. However, if your demands (and expectations) are somewhat casual, this Apple-built program has been around since 2010 and is still the greatest video editing app for iPhones because it’s so simple to use on iOS devices. 

Testing on both an iPhone and an iPad, we discovered that it functions well and offers three distinct movie editing options, which is a terrific feature for novices or those who lack the time for precise editing.

iMovie’s theme library is one of its most noteworthy features. Pre-programmed themes include Comic Book, Neon, Sports, Photo Album, and Travel. 

Apple adds new features and settings to the platform on a regular basis. The tech giants upgraded iMovie with 25 soundtracks and three new filters in August 2020.

Key Features: 
  • Transitions
  • Effects
  • Audio library

11. Splice: Cropping and Trimming Features

splice-best video editing apps

Splice provides the ideal starting point for anyone new to editing videos on their phone. For a few days, Splice allows you to test out all of its features without any costs or restrictions. 

This program is ideal if you want to make a highlight reel of your most recent hiking trip. You can easily cut and edit your clips with a few taps after uploading them and positioning them on the appropriate tracks. 

Do you want to benefit even more from using Splice? Make an in-app purchase to upgrade. There are three options available: monthly, quarterly, and annual. A free trial is also included with every choice.

Key Features:
  • The timeline editor
  • Text and title
  • Sound and music forward filters

12. PicPlayPost


With PicPlayPost, you can easily create slideshows and video collages while editing videos. Animated text, stickers, effects, filters, and music can be effortlessly added to slideshows and collages using this program.

The software initially asks you to choose an aspect ratio that is appropriate for the goal you have in mind, like posting on a specific social media network, when you create a project.

PicPlayPost works well if all you need to do is create a video collage. It is not regarded as a feature-rich video editor program, though, as it lacks some other fundamental video editing functions.

Key Feature: 
  • Perfect for slideshows and video collages
  • Simple customization options

13. Zoomerang: With Dance Music Shorts Feature

zoomerang- best video editing app

Zoomerang is a template-based video editing application that has a straightforward editor interface, personalized stickers that you can make, text effects, GIFs, and emoticons, as well as some practical features like a background eliminator.

In order to find what is currently trending, you can also follow hashtags. The software provides templates that you may use to join the trend.

Additionally, it has artificial intelligence (AI) visual elements, such as body tracking and out of body effects with pulses and energy, which are common in dance videos on social media sites like TikTok.

But it lacks full creative control over your videos and more powerful A.I.-powered capabilities.

Key Features: 
  • Instructions for creating dancing videos step-by-step
  • Simple to observe social media trends
  • a worldwide community with which to exchange content

14. InVideo: The Greatest TikTok Video Editing App

invideo app

With its straightforward and eye-catching user interface, InVideo is a straightforward video editing application that facilitates adding text and voiceovers, as well as overlaying items (pictures, films, or graphics) over your video footage.

Your own music can also be imported. You can use music from the “Trending” category in your films, which is perfect for posting to TikTok.

Clicking the symbol while exporting the finished film makes it simple to publish your edited video to TikTok. In addition, you can transmit your video over WhatsApp, publish it on Instagram, or upload it to YouTube.

Key Feature: 
  • Perfect for videos on TikTok
  • Adding popular music is simple.
  • Suitable for posting on other social media networks
Using a few editing applications, you can quickly and easily make beautiful videos on Android

Select your favourite video editor from the list, then impress your loved ones, following, and friends with your inventiveness. See our overview of the top Android photo editing apps if you want to edit your own images.

Or you can contact Deliverables Agency to develop your our video editing tool.

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