How much App development Cost

How much Mobile App Development Costs In 2021?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

Perhaps this is one of the questions that app brands and developers ask while launching an app development project. Mobile apps are occupying the digital field. These huge numbers prove that mobile app development is taking the entire tech industry into an entirely different realm of a digital dynasty. One such question that revolves around app development is ‘How much is Mobile app development costs’? If you ask a developer, his answer will be — ‘It depends.’ And this is the truth that it does!

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In fact, each Mobile App Development process is unique. And the total cost is the sum of many affecting elements.

Explain the type of app you want to build

There are different types of apps. The mobile development cost of an app varies depending on its type. The simplest types of apps are apps with basic functionality.

These are made to accomplish a specific task. For example, a calculator app, alarm app or flashlight app. They are very easy to make and can be done in a small budget of around $1000. Your cost increases as your apps get more complex. This can be quite expensive if you want your app to integrate the payment gateway or GPS.

App development is a multi-stage process that includes careful planning with a reasonable timeline — again, based on experience. But developers also need to consider factors such as security, testing, and design. The cost can go up to $10,000 and above depending on the app’s difficulty.

You should identify the category of your phone app, be it a gaming app, lifestyle app, social media app, or such. Be it gaming apps, lifestyle apps, social media apps, or such. And once you’ve explained the type of app, it’s important to stop building on it. For example, if your target is social Media app development, try not to include lifestyle and games as well.

Hourly rates of app developers around the world​

Geography plays an important role in dictating the cost of developing a mobile application. Depending on the location of the developers, the cost varies exceptionally. Developers’ hourly fee ranges from $10 to $250 depending on their location.

Let’s see what are the hourly rates for mobile app developers in different locations.

  • Developers based in the US and Canada have the highest fees ranging from $50 to $250 per hour.
  • Developers based in the UK and Western Europe charge between #35 and $170 per hour.
  • Developers In Australia, hourly app development average costs range from $50 to $150.
  • Developers in Eastern Europe charge between $20 and $150 per hour.
  • The cheapest hourly rates in India range from $10 to $80.

It takes an average of 300 to 600 hours to build a mobile app and Understand how it varies in different places.

How much does mobile app development costs at different stages

Time and expertise are the resources here, and so they decide the money because the cost of building an app depends on the number of hours spent on the project.

Another deciding factor is how complex you want your app to be. The more features, the higher the range. The basic model of an app will cost you around $15000, and the complex ones start at $50000.

Here’s an average app development time estimate with seven screens.

  • Wireframing — 24 Hours
  • UX Design — 24 Hours
  • Visual Design — 32 Hours
  • Third-Party API — 20+ Hours
  • Basic Controls — 10+ Hours
  • Dedicated Administration Panel — 40+ Hours
  • Admin panel — 60+ hours

The basic rule of adding platforms would be adding costs in parallel. And deploying the app to the store is not the end.

Factors affecting the Cost

Factors affecting the cost of mobile app development

In the previous sections, we looked at how mobile app development costs depend on development time, location, developers’ hourly rate, and app type. It is not the only factor that affects us. Let us see below what are the other factors that can affect. Let’s take a look.

1. Your App’s Business Model

An app’s business model is basic in deciding range. Which platform are you targeting, is your app free of cost or paid, does it hold up in-app purchases, will it serve ads. All these straight affect the cost of developing a mobile application.

2. Type of App

Your applications can be either a native app, web app or hybrid app. It hangs on elements like your desired app launch platform, need production, budget etc. There is a completely different development process for each type of app and hence the cost will also be different.

3. Development Team

In addition to developers, an app development team includes a business analyst, project manager, solution architect, UI UX designer. This team can be core or expanded, depending on your project.

4. Custom User Interface

This will increase the cost, if your app needs to implement a custom user interface. Requires more time to build from scratch.

5. Technical Problems

As the elements of your app increase, so do the technical problems. This involves third-party integrations, in-app or hardware purchases, etc.

Types of Apps and Cost Differences

There is no limit to the ideas of mobile apps that the human mind can imagine. Each and every app idea may be separate and require different procedures. It is shown below how different mobile apps will change the pricing.

Standalone Apps

Standalone application is an application that runs locally on the device and Which does not require a network connection to function. Another benefit is that it is not a pre-installation procedure, and it is portable.

Basic Utility Apps

These types of apps are the basics that support many personal and business activities such as reminders, to-do lists and more. They consume data and issue you with information.

Social networking App

Recently Facebook bought WhatsApp for 19 billion US dollars. Yes! I said ‘Arab.’ There are many categories into which social networking apps can fall.

E-commerce app

E-commerce apps are running all over the globe. It has separate login options for processes and customers. So the range of enlargement of an e-commerce app is comparatively high.

Two-way Market App

A two-sided marketplace is an application that consists of two users, and both have different login platforms. Facebook and Google provide examples.

Mobile App Development Cost

Mobile App Development Costs: Hybrid vs Native App

One of the first decisions you will need to make after deciding to build an app will be whether it is a hybrid app or a native app. Generally, native app development is costlier than hybrid app development.

  • If you select Native App Development, you will have to decide on your preferred platform — Android or iOS app development. You will have to build two separate apps. If you want to develop one app for both the platforms, the estimated cost of developing a native app will be $100,000.
  • On the other hand Hybrid apps allow you to develop phone apps for Android and iOS at the same schedule. The cost of growing a hybrid application ranges from $5000 to $50,000.
  • With well organized hybrid mobile app development frameworks such as React Native and Flutter that deliver out of the way production in a bounded budget.

Cost of hiring Mobile & IOS App Developers

If you have made a decision to hire a mobile app developer, you should know about the developer cost. It is based on features like developer’s location, growing platform and developer’s skills.

On an annual basis, the app development average cost of hiring developers looks like this:

  • $89,000 per year for United States developers
  • $76,000 for Australian developers
  • $66,000 for Germany developers
  • $53,000 for UK and Canada developers
  • $4000 for Indian developers

The cost of developers is also based on whether it is Android app development cost or iOS app development. In most cases, the range of hiring an Android developer is higher than the cost needed to hire an iOS developer. But generally, iOS app development is more expensive than Android app development.

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