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How to Find Angel Investors for Your Startup?

Are you thinking about getting angel investors but are unsure of where to begin? Where ought one to gaze? Which inquiries ought you make of them? What distinguishes a wise investor from a foolish one?

Everything you need to know about identifying and selecting the ideal investor for your firm will be covered in this blog. This post will provide you the tools and knowledge you need to successfully traverse the world of angel investment by guiding you through tried-and-true strategies for locating and interacting with angel investors.

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What are Angel Investors?

In general, angel investors are wealthy individuals who provide capital to nascent businesses very early on, typically in exchange for convertible debt or shares. Angel investors play a crucial role in providing a link between a company’s initial startup funding needs and its subsequent capital needs from venture capitalists, corporate investors, and eventually public markets. 

Since they might serve as advisors to the founders of the startup they are investing in, angel investors typically have backgrounds in business or entrepreneurship. For first-time company entrepreneurs looking to expand, this can be of great assistance.

Angel investors can be an ideal source of finance for fledgling companies that don’t meet the requirements for large bank loans or venture capital company funding.

How to find Angel Investor?

how to find angel investor for your startup

Learning how to effectively pitch to angel investor is not that difficult. Treating angel investor the way you would like to be handled along with employing common sense are the most important things to remember.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to follow a complicated sales process in order to pitch angel investors. 

1. Participate in angel investment networks and groups

The year is 2023. Before meeting in person, you can communicate with angel investor, close deals, and meet with them. Angel groups, angel investor networks, angel forums, and more are all accessible from the comfort of your home or place of business.

But the environment here is competitive. Angel funding is quite popular among company founders, and since they are often as driven and ambitious as you are, it’s probable that they’re looking for and securing angel investors on your behalf.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t imply you shouldn’t try just because it’s competitive. Consider the following kinds of networks and organisations to help raise funds:

  • AngelList
  • Angel Capital Association
  • Angel Forum
  • Life Science Angels
  • Angel Investment Network
  • Gust
  • Tech Coast Angels

2. Social Networks

To locate angel investors, you are not limited to using sites designed specifically for investors. Making connections with your next investor on social media can be quite beneficial. Investors and entrepreneurs can now easily connect on Twitter in particular.

3. Investing Hunter

Another networking tool for locating possible angel investors is Investor Hunt.

They do more than just match angel investors with business founders, though. Several venture capitalists are also on board.

For individuals who are further along in their business path, this might be an excellent choice. It can also be a wonderful location to start networking with venture capitalists so that you have some reliable contacts when the time comes.

Communicating your startup’s journey—its triumphs, setbacks, and lessons learned—makes a compelling and real tale that attracts angel investors. This may result in correspondence from angel investors.

4. For sourcing, make use of social media

Angel investors are abundant on social media, especially on LinkedIn and Twitter. They frequently make note of their investment status in their posts or bios. To find these people, use hashtags, advanced search tools, and well-chosen keywords.

5. Look for opportunities for online networking

Participate in pertinent online discussions and attend virtual events with angel investor and other business owners. This makes your startup more visible and gives you the chance to attract possible angel investors.

6. Social Events

Networking events are the best method to get involved and meet possible angel investor for your startup if you wish to interact in person. To expand your network, you should see what’s going on in your neighbourhood and any neighbouring cities that have major events.

Never forget that someone may have insightful information and useful contacts to provide even if they aren’t an angel investor. They might hold the key to the relationship you need to attract a game-changing investor for your startup.

7. Work with an accelerator or incubator

The ability to locate and establish connections with angel investors is greatly enhanced by startup accelerators and incubators. These organisations’ CEOs often search for startups to invest in, and they have valuable contacts across several industries.

Finding the ideal accelerator for your startup is the first step. The next step is to apply and be approved.

Here’s how to use your newfound resource to locate angels once you’re in:

  • Make use of networks of mentors. A network of seasoned mentors and business leaders who advise and assist companies is frequently available at incubators and accelerators.
  • Participate in demo days. In order to provide founders with a platform to demonstrate their ideas, accelerators frequently provide investor showcases and demo days.
  • Talk to the other players. You never know when another company might have the crucial alliance you require to establish a meaningful connection or grow your enterprise.
  • Make use of alumni networks. Alumni frequently run their own startups or may have made the switch to angel investing. 
  • Make contact with the programme personnel. Develop a rapport with all programme personnel, including directors, managers, and administrators.

8. Engage with the local startup scene.

The appropriate angel investors may be right in your backyard; you don’t have to travel far to find them. To locate them, become involved in regional startup ecosystems and events.

Here are several locations where you can begin:

  • Co-working establishments
  • beginnings
  • Sector associations
  • nearby universities
  • Prior to your meeting

9. Angels of Life Science

An angel investment group called Life Science Angels specialises in providing funding to new businesses in the healthcare and related sectors.

They might be an excellent fit for your start-up in the life sciences industry! As a startup entrepreneur, collaborating with angel investors that specialise in a particular field can be an excellent approach to get knowledge and direction.

10. Crunchbase

A vast database on anything linked to startup finance may be found on Crunchbase.

They offer an excellent list of leading angel investors, in addition to providing information on newly backed companies—a smart tactic for generating leads through sales outreach.

Here, you’ll create a list of possible investors using the information they provide, then send them a cold email. Here, you’ll create a list of possible investors using their database, then send them a cold email. See how by continuing to read!

How Angel Investors Can Be Involved?

In the best scenario, you have already established face-to-face contacts with angel investors through investor-focused events like YC Demo Day, networking gatherings, or personal introductions.

Then, you’ll already have a friendly introduction when it comes time to secure finance.

Then, how can you get in touch with an angel investor without, of course, coming across as intrusive or needy?

Here’s how to approach angel investor cold:

  • Make sure your outreach emails are succinct and direct.
  • Make it very clear what you do; stay away from ambiguous or flowery language that sounds “salesy.”
  • Describe your goals in detail to the investors and why you two are a good fit.
  • Please affix your pitch deck for additional reading.

Reaching out to investors is a form of art.

In summary

Raising financing may be a stressful process, particularly for first-time founders who have never done this before. Building your network and screening possible angel investors are worthwhile but time-consuming tasks. You don’t have to wait for angel funding to develop the infrastructure of your company. 


High net worth people, known as angel investors, often make extremely early investments in newly formed startups, typically in exchange for convertible debt or equity. 

Angel investors might come from a range of sources because they usually invest their own money.

Numerous angel investors liquidated their local or new companies. Some angel investors generated large profits in other industries or from earlier ventures into start-up businesses. Perhaps it’s family money, as they were well off when they were young.

Here’s how to approach angel investors cold:

  • Make sure your outreach emails are succinct and direct.
  • Make it very clear what you do; stay away from ambiguous or flowery language that sounds “salesy.”
  • Inform the investors of your particular requirements.
  • Justify your compatibility with each other.
  • Please affix your pitch deck for additional reading.

Locate Angel Investors in Your Area

This may be accomplished quickly and easily by entering your zip code, which will cause the angel investor network to search for local investors. Although local angel investors aren’t the only people you may talk to, they are probably your best bet for funding.

Exist any free lists of angel investors? Yes, thankfully, there are lots of free angel investor lists available; you can find a lot of them by doing a short online search.

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Are you thinking about getting angel investors but are unsure of where to begin?

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