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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Grow Your Business with SEO in 2023

Introduction to SEO

SEO is a powerful tool to grow businesses. About 50% of Google searches find local information. If your business is not optimized for local searches, then you might lose potential customers. So, SEO optimization is essential for the business to stay online and relevant. You can take the help of experts at SEO Agency India to implement various SEO strategies and techniques.

SEO is the most changing area of digital marketing. Google is always updating its search algorithms to provide an improved search experience to its users. We must make the strategy in its entirety, from optimizing website content to securing online presence on search engines. It also helps to increase the organic traffic derived from the search results.

What do you mean by SEO strategy?

An SEO strategy refers to the process to plan and implement steps to enhance the organic search engine ranking of a website. A digital marketing agency can help your business in 2023 to rank higher by implementing proper and result-driven SEO strategies.

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Steps to create SEO strategy

Steps to create SEO strategy

To create a list of keywords

A keyword list is the first step to creating an SEO strategy. They are important words that help to rank content on the search engine results page. You can get keywords from the search engine search bar. They are popular and correct keywords as they come straight from Google.
There are various tools also available to check the search volume and competition among keywords. Like uber-suggest, keyword planner, etc.

Analyze Google’s first page

Then analyze the Google search results on the first page. It helps to search for the competitors that already rank high for those keywords.

To add a hook

You need to add a hook to improve your ranking on the search engine results page. Find out why people refer to a particular link or page content of your niche or industry.

On-page SEO optimization

On-page SEO optimization consists of internal linking, keywords, and URLs that are short. They work better than long ones.

Create helpful and informative content

Google has always preferred and ranked high-quality, informative content. Content created for the specific targeted audience displays some depth knowledge about the topic etc.

Build a mobile-friendly website

Most of the Google searches are from mobile. So you are required to build a mobile-friendly website. That is easy to navigate through and loads quickly.

Include images

Including images in the content helps to rank high on the search engine results page. Through it, additional keywords can also be added to the content.

Niche-driven and relevant content

The content should be according to the niche and relevant also. This targeted audience will read your content and drive traffic to your website.

What is local SEO?

It refers to the process to improve the visibility in the search engines for your local business. Local SEO practices can increase organic traffic from searches performed by nearby customers. Search engines rely on the content, social media pages, and links to provide their users with correct local results.

With local SEO, products, and services are placed at a higher rank. People can easily search for any product or service. With the guidance of digital marketing agency SEO professionals, you can improve your website rank on search engines.

Some tips for local SEO

tips for local seo

  • Google my business page optimization

Create a google my business page to fulfill Google’s requirements. You can do so by verifying your google my business page, using Google posts within your account, encouraging your customers to leave feedback on your posts, to give responses to the reviews while specifying your location.

  • Social media engagement

You can share your google my business page on your social media. It will help you to increase traffic on your social media page. It will help to build social media presence and rank high on local search engine results pages.

  • Create NAP

You need to make it easier for people to find you. For it, you need to create NAP. Nap means the name, your business’s name, address, and phone number ted online. It should be a real one.

  • Perform a local SEO audit

Seo is considered to be an ongoing process. So you need to make changes continuously. It will help your business to perform and compete with its competitors. The audit is done to see the rank of your website and the goals you need to work on. A local SEO audit includes auditing the google my business page, a search console audit to see if the website is crawling, and a page SEO audit to check if the website accommodates all the on-page SEO elements and is ranking high. Competitor analysis audit to see if there is anything left to match with your competitors, website audit to see your website performance.

  • Internal linking structure improvement

Adjust your internal linking structure to increase the SEO ranking of the website. It matters a lot. As it provides support to the website navigation functionality, helps in information structure and site hierarchy, distributes the page authority, and ranks pages on the search engines.

  • Url, meta description optimization

Each time content is written, you need to optimize it. Through the use of high-volume keywords that targets particular geographical location. This will help to rank higher in search engines’ result pages.URL and meta description is required to be optimized.

  • Participation in the local community

An increase in participation in the local community helps in more advertising of your business. You can partner with a non-profit organization for the campaign or volunteer for your organization. It will help in brand awareness and marketing.


Seo is getting more complex day by day. With just optimizing the keywords and meta description, it will not work. You should follow updates with the latest SEO trends as they constantly change. Staying at the top of the search engine results page is important. So, follow the latest and right SEO strategies for the growth of your business.

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