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Learn How to start an App — I have an Idea for an App

I have app ideas if you’re curious to know how to start an app business and what to do but aren’t sure where to start, here’s the guide for you!

Coming up with unique app ideas, no matter what you want to achieve with it, just isn’t enough anymore — the mobile app market is directly too competitive.

You watch startups grow and often fail, you re-research, you ask your friends. Don’t tell anyone about your idea first — not to intimidate it.

Then you tell that to your friend and eagerly wait for a response, afraid to hear something negative.

Remember, that there is rarely a completely new idea that was born out of nothing.


How to Develop an App Ideas

how to develop an app ideas

If you have successfully gone through the phase of discussing your idea for the app with trusted people.

You should learn how to start an app first, then you can move on to building an app and dive really deep into the app development process.

let’s get started!

When you need to travel to an unknown country, you read tour guides, talk to friends or relatives.

When you want to eat out in an unknown city, you look for the best options on review websites or apps, talk to locals, and more.

Whenever you want to buy something new, you do research first. Browse through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to see what else is out there.

On the other hand, there could be a emptiness in the market, opening the door for new app businesses to take advantage of.

1. Create a Business Concept

create a business concept
  • Take your time to formulate a business concept, based on your findings during research.
  • It’s really important to write everything down, not just keep it in your mind.
  • Don’t trust your memory, we all forget some things. And sometimes, you might come across new useful ideas while writing.

Your business project should consist of several blocks :

App — Key Ideas, Advantages for the User, Pros and Cons, Features

  • App — Key Ideas, benefits for the User, Pros and Cons, Features
  • Your users — analysis of your target audience
  • Marketplace and your competitors — the apps you’ll compete with
  • Monetization Plan — How To start an app & earn money With App Ideas
  • Marketing — How to start app business and how will you promote your app

2. Find Co-Founders

  • App ideas can be very difficult to implement on your own. It takes time, skills and money.
  • If you feel like you need a partner, try to find one or several that you don’t have.
  • This could be a friend, a former coworker, or someone on the LinkedIn network.
  • Some person want to start their own business but can’t come up with the idea.
  • They might find your idea interesting.

3. Develop the App

develop the app
  • If you are a developer then congratulations because you can do it yourself with some friends-developers.
  • But if you have no skills and knowledge about coding, then you have to look for an company or some freelancers to do the work.
  • Once you’ve decided on the type of app you want, you can more easily allocate your resources and plan your whole development project.
  • A UX/UI designer should help you design an app with a wireframe provided as a reference.
  • Based on your research (Step 1) you will know where you will be publishing your app — Android, or iOS, or both.
  • It’s hard to estimate how long it will take you to get your app live.

Build a Marketing Roadmap & Get ready for the Launch

marketing roadmap and get ready for the launch

While developers are coding, you should focus on your app launch and some business development work.

When launching an app, you probably won’t think of building a big brand.

1. Focus On Branding

focus on branding
  • When launching an app, you probably won’t think of building a big brand.
  • Still, you need to invest time and money into creating your app’s icon and developing a brand style to suit all of your visual content across communication channels.

2. Learn About ASO

learn about ASO
  • ASO (App Store Optimization) helps you get lots of organic downloads — which means no money is spent on advertising.
  • But it’s not easy if you don’t know anything about it. So do your research and learn how to start app business:
  • Creating an attractive icon with a designer is a very responsible job.
  • As a result app icons have a strong impact on store list visitors, conversion rates, and downloads.
  • Think of good relevant keywords and create good descriptions for your app store.
  • Keyword research is the first step and the basis of successful ASO (App Store Optimization).

3. Prepare For The Launch

Prepare for the launch
  • Is the announcement on Product Hunt enough? Or do you want all the national media to talk about you? (I highly doubt it but who knows).
  • If you have a limited budget, think about::
  • Sending emails and texts to friends and family telling them about your app launch and asking them to download the app and rate it with 5 stars.
  • Post about your new app on ProductHunt.
  • Inform the Reddit community about your new app.
  • List app review websites, bloggers who review apps and write a pitch to them.

4. Craft a Marketing Roadmap

craft a marketing roadmap
  • The launch is only the beginning. Further promotion of the app should be one of your priorities.
  • Even if your app is not your full time business but a side project, there are some basic things you should do for your app.
  • Otherwise, no one will ever be able to find it.

5. Test The App

test the app
  • You are probably too impatient to finally publish your app. But take some time to test it.
  • Let your friends and family play with it for a few days. Users are demanding a lot.
  • If the quality of your app is not good enough, no one will use it for a long time, you will get bad reviews, and it will be very hard to get downloads with bad reviews and low ratings.
  • Publish your app at the app stores and keep up the good work.
  • You may think that publishing your app is the last step, but in reality, it is only the beginning of a wonderful adventure.

6. Publish Your App on the App Store and keep up the Good Work

publish your app -app ideas
  • You may think that publishing your app is the last step, but in reality, it is only the beginning of a wonderful adventure.
  • You need to continuously update your app, introduce new features, provide feedback to users, fix bugs, promote the app, implement activities to improve retention rate, increase user base.
  • So exploring new fabrication chances while handling good engagement and retention rates will keep you busy.
  • You need to make money with it.
  • So exploring new monetization opportunities while maintaining good arrangement and retention rates will keep you busy.

How To Copyright & Protect App Ideas

how to copyright and protect an app idea
  • In the procedure of growing your app, you were probably sometimes hard by this question:
  • You were so busy planning, developing and creating that you didn’t get to do proper research and understand how to start an app and save your app ideas.
  • If you are visiting our website and reading this post post before launching the app, it is even better.
  • There are a few crucial things you can do to protect your app idea before you publish it to the App Store.
  • Here are some points on how to save app ideas secure:

1. Sign NDAs with freelancers and partner agencies

sign NDAs -app ideas
  • Mutual signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is one way to ensure that all information shared between the signing parties will be kept confidential.
  • If you hire freelance developers/designers/marketers, ask them to sign this legal document.
  • When you start working with agencies, any other partner companies, it is also a good idea to sign NDA.
  • It may sound obvious, but don’t forget that you must mutually sign an NDA before dividing any data related to your application and profession.

2. Secure your intellectual property rights

secure your intellectual property rights
  • When a developer creates code for your app, he is the owner of it and has all rights to use the code — because he created it.
  • When a designer creates an icon and screenshot for your app, she can use it for her purpose — because that’s her job.
  • This will not happen if you involve an intellectual property protection clause in your contract.
  • Even if you work with friends or family, be sure to sign the contract and include a paragraph protecting your intellectual property rights for everything the freelancer produces.
  • You can let them add it to their portfolio later, but they won’t be able to use it as their portfolio.

3. Copyright your app

copyright your app
  • Think about getting copyright to protect your app.
  • Note that copyright does not protect the idea of ​​your app. Copyright laws refer only to the form of expression.
  • So if you get a copyright, it doesn’t prevent other app developers from making an app with similar features.
  • But it will save your source code, graphics, design, text, graphics, etc.

4. Get trademark

get your trademark-app ideas
  • When you start noticing that your app is getting downloaded more and more, you should hurry to get the trademark for your app.
  • Trademark will protect your app name and logo.
  • If you obtain a trademark in the US, your app is protected by US laws.
  • Although, if your app is also famous in Europe, you should book or register your trademark in the EU.
  • You can apply online. The basic fee for the online application is 800 Euros.
  • The EUIPO trademark will secure your app in all EU countries.

How to Sell App Ideas

how to sell app idea
  • Developing your own app is fun, but quite challenging. Mainly when it comes to money.
  • To build and promote an app, you need to invest. At some point of time, you may think of getting additional funding from investors.
  • And so you clearly need to understand how to sell app ideas.
  • To start, let’s be honest: You’re less likely to just sell an app idea than a working product.
  • A published and successful app is the best option. But if you don’t have it, be sure to growing a working prototype.
  • Let’s see where you can get funding and sell your app idea.

1. Crowdfunding site

crowdfunding site-app ideas
  • If you think you are capable of creating a product for people who will be admired, you can try to get their support first.
  • They only want to endorse products they personally like or are interested in purchasing concepts.
  • There is also a project called Crowdfunding that can help you compare crowdfunding platforms and select the one that suits you best.

2. Startup Services

startup services
  • Startup services are online program where you can post your idea and wait for probable investors to contact you.
  • Some of the most famous involve platforms like Startups.com, Gust, and many others.

3. Professional social networks

professional social services
  • LinkedIn is a good site to develop your network on a global scale.
  • These social networks are made for professionals and aim to increase your business contacts.
  • Posting daily about your app ideas or working business is a good method to attract attention and enlarge interest among latent investors.

4. Accelerators and Business Setup

accelators and business setup-app ideas
  • Startup Accelerators and Business Incubators are organizations that can help you develop your business idea and turn the concept into a profitable project.
  • They achieve this by coaching you and the team and providing the necessary support.
  • Accelerators generally work with local startups, so you should be examining for them where you live.

5. Start-up Conferences

startup conferences
  • Startups don’t just look for investors.
  • Investors are also looking for promising startups that they can support.
  • Startup conferences and events are frequently visited by potential investors willing to share some money.
  • If you don’t find any investors, you will certainly find that this is a great networking opportunity.

6. Private companies

private companies-app ideas
  • There are big app development companies that buy out smaller publishers.
  • If you are attentive in trading not just an app idea but your app business, you can look in this direction as well.
Final thoughts on how to start an app and app ideas

Here the app ideas alone will not suffice.

Growing your app idea can turn out to be the most complicated as well as the most exciting and exciting thing you’ve ever experienced

Think about taking your app idea and getting it ready to launch on the App Store. It all starts with preparation.

Observe your idea come true and succeed is the best reward, while your concept struggle and fail will give you the most valuable lesson to keep in mind for the future.

Let me know if this blog has helped you by leaving a quick comment below. Lastly, please share this with anyone you know who wants to make an app!

Our mobile app developers pledge to deliver the full range of services Thank you!

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