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Top 10 Exclusive Best Car Rental Apps For Android & IOS


These best car rental apps will sort you out with a cheap car rent anytime you want, for business or personal use.

The global car rental market is flourishing and is look forward to grow to around $131 billion by 2026.

Technological convenience along with other service areas like online cab booking and top rated car rental apps is consistently winning over the commuters and the financially savvy Gen Z population.

With the travel and tourism production developing digitally, online apps for renting a car and services are expanding as well.

The world is facing a change of economic and health issues like the COVID-19 pandemic. The society is facing a variety of economic and health issues like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Some of these top rated car rental apps are dedicated only to renting a car, while others will also allows you to register flights and book hotel rooms. Which one you select will based on your requirements.

1. Turo

Turo-Car Rental Apps

  • Apps like Turo has a unique look at car rentals.
  • On Turo it provides many guests to drive the car you book as long as they are all approved to drive.
  • It facilitates the local car owner in USA, Canada, New York Times, UK and Germany, and many more in Europe.
  • The online private rental car program allows customers to select from a range of options ranging from Jeep to Tesla to Classic VM Bus.
  • But anyhow if you want a short-term rental to get to and from work or a long-term rental for a road trip, Turo has many of cars to choose from.
  • Before going ahead with a best car rental app like Turo, let’s take a look at its pros and cons which will also help you in building a successful car rental app.
  • Not standing in line at the counter.
  • It has best customer service for car owners and users.
  • Turo has great navigation and UI design.
  • It has a extensive login and verification process steps.
  • There is no calling service and sometimes messaging becomes uninteresting for the users.
  • Search filters should be more detailed for car model selection.

Play store downloads: 5,000,000+ & 83,277 reviews

2. Gatearound


  • If you are deciding to plan a rental car app like Getaround then you need to examine unique features like ‘Unlock your car through app’ and allow users to rent a car of their option from Toyota to BMW Give.
  • It is a free platform with no charges. GetAround App delivers online car rental inconvenience insurance for stress free road trips and cruisers.
  • The peer-to-peer ride sharing app works across Europe and permits users to rent or share a car for as little as $5 an hour.
  • Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Getaround app.
  • Car rental is easy with reasonable price and login process.
  • No limit on updating and listing of cars through one car owner.
  • The UI/UX of the car screen is attractive for better user engagement.
  • No timely customer service available.
  • In-app navigation and car booking is a chore.
  • Slow loading app on ongoing road trips and commutes.

Play store downloads: 500,000+ & 7,145 reviews

3. Kayak

kayak-Car Rental Apps

  • It is a complete travel car borrowing app navigator from restaurants to hospitals to airports.
  • If you are a travel service customer looking forward to enter the world of online cabs then this could be one of the opportunities for you to explore.
  • This Car Rental App allows people to work offline. With the help of this car rental app booking flights, rental cars, and has ongoing support for business travel advisors who can plan the entire trip on the user’s behalf.
  • It is one of the best car rental app in USA and has also been recommended for “Best Mobile App Awards” depend on its user-friendly interface.
  • Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Kayal app.
  • Users can cross-check trip prices before purchasing a trip.
  • Simple and unique app for booking.
  • The app organizes and saves travel and adventure details in an in-app itinerary.
  • App does not permits to choose a departure city and give out the flight booking feature.
  • A user cannot delete or remove the check-out date of an managing hotel event once an update is added.

4. Zipcar


  • Zipcar is the simple and fastest way to rent a car rental application.
  • This is accessible on a daily and hourly basis with gas, liability insurance, mileage and steadfast parking facilities.
  • This app allows users to sign up and select subscription options and receive “zipcards” in the mail. Online user can rent a car near him and unlock it with the help of this app.
  • It is flexible and suitable for urban areas and university campuses and best car rental app in USA.
  • This becomes the reason for including the app in our list of best car rental apps. This is a expressive app i.e reachable in select cities in the United States of America.
  • Let’s take a look at the pros-cons that will help you in better user arrangement of your car borrowing app.
  • Car rental is easy through the app
  • Users are happy with customer service.
  • It maintains effective car space and parking facilities.
  • User face login is a bit buggy and the app dusts errors.
  • In one go the zipcard not helping to unlock car.
  • Automated billing problems in app.

Play store downloads: 1,000,000+ & 43,552 reviews

5. Hertz (iOS, Android)


  • It is one of the biggest names in the car rental industry, and for good reason.
  • There are a plenty of Hertz locations in the United States and On a par other countries, creating it simple to rent wherever you need it.
  • It is one of the best car rental apps with seamless intuitive features along with ‘Park Near Me’ option that connects users through SpotHero.
  • Let’s see the the pros and cons of the Hertz app.
  • Immediate car booking, easy car rental and easy submission.
  • The app has an attractive user interface.
  • Quick and detailed information helps travel.
  • Automatic deactivation of reserve button.
  • App fails to show current rental car with map and directions to leave location.
  • Anyhow logs you out and doesn’t let you log in using an email address.

Play store downloads: 500,000+ & 6,452 reviews.

6. Enterprise

enterprize-Car Rental Apps

  • This app is one of the best car rental app familiar brand that come to mind.
  • It is the best cheapest car rental app.
  • User is authorize to modify reservations, view improvement and drop places, information about ongoing rental car items, 24/7 customer support and roadside assistance.
  • This car rental app delivers over 7800 locations worldwide with multiple language support including English.
  • Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of an enterprise cheap car rental app.
  • The app easily revises car rental dates.
  • It remembers the user’s previous car rentals so that they can rebook easily.
  • All places and phone numbers are accessible in the app.
  • No additional responsibility insurance through the Rental App.
  • Lack of promotional deals for loyal customers by the enterprise community.
  • Not easy to navigate, UI/UX not perfect.

Play Store Downloads: 1,000,000+ and 31,283 Reviews

7. Virtuo


  • It is known as the best app for renting a car. The App gives users a entirely stress-free, flexible car and truck rental facility.
  • A user can simply register premium cars at affordable charges.
  • Anyone can register a car anytime, anywhere and can drive and avail the advantages of the total Car Rental App.
  • The app delivers airports, train stations and important locations via France, the UK, Spain and Belgium.
  • Continue on to checking out other car rental apps, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the app.
  • The app is easy to navigate, any and all charges are clear and transparent.
  • Customer Support is excellent.
  • Signup is rapid and the app is well designed for better user experience.
  • App keeps on opening many times apposed to usefr’s wishes.
  • Vehicle maintenance is not on track.
  • It’s impossible to access the GPS system even after it’s integrated into Google Car.

Play store downloads: 500,000+ & 3,173 reviews.

8. Carngo


  • This app is easy and fast, specially designed for middle man.
  • The Carnago app works with hundreds of global and local car rental suppliers.
  • It chores with Alamo, AVIS, Hertz, National, Payless, Ace, SIXT, Priceline, Europcar and over 1000 world-renowned car rental companies.
  • Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Carnago app.
  • Users can book their car and compare the price at their convenience through category compatibility.
  • Helps in estimating and managing car rentals.
  • User can earn / redeem price every time he logs in to the app.
  • In this car rental app, sometimes users face booking issues or faults in check-in options.
  • UI/UX needs to be upgraded to add more customers.
  • Lack of new technical elements like car unlocking.

Play store downloads: 500,000+ & 3,620 reviews

9. Skyscanner (iOS, Android)

skyscanner-Car Rental Apps

  • Your best interest is at the heart of the Skyscanner app and is a great cheap car rental app.
  • It helps to search best flight prices and amazing hotel discounts.
  • There are no booking charges or hidden charges for registering business trips with this Skyscanner Car Rental App.
  • Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages that will help you in better user engagement of your app.
  • No additional fees or hidden charges for becoming a service from the app.
  • Notification alerts to search the ideal price for flights and transportation.
  • It has contracted with Travelocity, and others for the convenience of accommodation.
  • Explore elements to search cheapest flights does not work worldwide
  • Car payment system has a technical fault.
  • There is no intuitive navigation and the UI of the app needs to be modified as it is attractive.

Play store downloads : 50,000,000+ & 701,443 reviews

10. Sixt


  • This is a great car rental app if you require a car rental, car share or taxi ride often.
  • It is one of the best great car rental application, allows users to drive or drive to their specified destination.
  • The app provides its online car rental service in 100 countries. There is no limit on the number of cars, drop-off limits and duration in the carsharing feature of the app.
  • Users can register their preferred car and manage reservations within the app account. And the search filter narrows the search down to car type, price and popularity for better custom results.
  • Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the SIXT app.
  • It offers flexible car rental service from one minute to 27 days
  • Select a range of cars from economy to first class
  • This car rental app has exceptional promotional rates
  • poor online customer support
  • Car Payment and Invoice Generation Issues
  • Document scanning functionality doesn’t work

Play store downloads: 1,000,000+ & 45,079 reviews

So, this was the list of popular car rental app services all over the globe.

Car Rental Industry Trends

car rental industry trends

Increasing the Use of AI

  • AI technology can help you to examine ongoing data when you have to handle vehicle fleets.
  • As a fleet management company, you can track customer demographics and driver habits down to the level of usage and destination.
  • A customer can get better readings on vehicular damage faster than human counterparts.

Car Rental Accommodation at Airports

  • Airports are the largest cash flow for all taxi and fleet management agencies.
  • Your car rental companies are in the middle of the most steady holder in terminals, with users taking advantage of faster travel and skipping taxi lines.

Membership Packages for Online Extension

Membership packages help attract new users, travelers, online agencies like Enterprise and Hertz have been successfully able to woo online users with their package ideas.

Packages depend on the price of vehicles at each level, sometimes booking weekends, can help the app retain its audience for a longer period of time.


Lots of these car rental apps help you search the great deal and make sure you’re getting the best ride for your money.

Plus, it’s so simple to use the app to schedule a car rental with someone instead of talking on the phone or in person.

In our mobile development company our experienced mobile app developers will help you create mobile app with unique complements. Get a free consultation today.

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