Top 10 latest weather apps

Top 10 Latest Weather Apps For Android And iOS 2022

The best weather apps are important additions to any smartphone, delivering you with correct forecasts and in fact interesting information about the world all over you. 

Sure, almost every device, whether apps for iOS or Android, already comes with its own built-in app.

But while these may be fine for the basics of how hot or cold it’s going to be today, the free weather apps can do a lot.

With that in mind, we have called the ten best weather apps for android and ioS in this blog. We have compared these apps, their services, user ratings and performances.

It’s your choice to decide which app you want to use in your smartphone.

At first, we didn’t fully value the complete number of best weather apps for Android and iOS devices.

In the end, we picked the ones we thought had the most popular apps as well as offered something unique.

What is best weather apps?

Weather app is known as the mobile application that let someone knows the customer about the climate conditions, atmospheric predictions and any updates on the weather.

It is the great medium to know any upcoming weather sample in the surroundings. If one is planning a trip to a location, he/she can know the weather of that destination in advance.

Accordingly, one can plan the journey to that particular destination and postpone/prep it if the weather is unsuitable at a particular day or time.

Advantages of Climate Weather app

  • Instant information availability
  • Better weather forecast
  • Simple flow of information
  • Widget Support
  • Associated map for better weather information
  • free availability for weather

Inside the pocket our mobiles can bring out weather information instantly. Let’s see the list of best weather apps for Android and iOS.

Best weather apps for 2022

The best weather apps offer everything from the latest forecasts to severe weather warnings. Here are our favourites.

1. AccuWeather

accu weather

Yet being a free platform, the AccuWeather app does a lot of work. For each screen, the app offers a vast set of features.

Yet being a weather app free platform, the AccuWeather app does a lot of work. For each screen, the app offers a vast set of features.

This AccuWeather app for Android and iOS is so comprehensive that it has set over 3 million locations for weather perception.

That app is designed to send severe weather alerts to its users for contingencies like snowfall, thunderstorms and tornadoes.

2. Carrot Weather

Carrot weather

Long an iOS exclusive that you couldn’t find on Android, Carrot Weather has since bridged the platform divide.

In addition to indicating sun and rain conditions, the app also lets you know the UV index, air quality, wind direction, humidity and cloud coverage.

You can arrange Carrot’s sense of humor to be friendly, snarky or difficult, with the capability to control how political the AI’s jokes can be.

Carrot Season offers different membership levels. iOS users who choose a Tier 3 subscription can receive notifications for rain, snow, lightning strikes, and storms.

The Android version has a premium club with time travel and widget features.

3. RadarScope

Radar scope

The name of the app itself reflects its value. Scientists and weather enthusiasts love RadarScope because it delivers high-resolution radar data.

This live climate weather app provides weather enthusiasts with NEXRAD Level 3 data from radar stations operating in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Okinawa and Korea.

Radarscope is best weather radar app a great option for those who want most accurate weather app information, and paying a few bucks isn’t a problem.

The app’s design is sophisticated, but very easy to use.

In particular, RadarScope is the best weather app for tracking the weather network and storms in a PARTICULAR area.

4. The Weather Channel

The weather channel

There is no doubt that The Weather Channel can become your daily weather app.

The unique part is that the app has thousands of short weather forecast videos. You can view them and get the desired climate coverage.

This weather control app also has features for social sharing.

5. Flowx


It has managed to create one such weather Android app that represents data attractively.

If you want to view weather data interestingly, you should definitely download Flowx.

It has build-ed a scrolling radar map function system with animations.

Plus, looking at the weather map, you can move back and forth between different time zones.

But before doing that, watch this five-minute tutorial video to know that how the FlowX app works.

6. Emergency: Alerts (Android; iOS)

Emergency alerts

Not only will there be emergency surveillance where you live, but you can also enter cities and people that are important to you.

The app components customization alerts and delivers a map with shelter data in case of an emergency.

You can make use emergency alerts to make sure you are prepared for a potential storm by scanning through disaster preparedness information in an emergency.

7. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo weather

That’s one word to describe the beautiful — Yahoo Weather app.

The latest update to this app has made both Android and iOS versions parallel and also provides essential weather news and information.

These pics are of your current location matching the current time and weather conditions for that day.

People who dislike this app they switched to Yahoo Weather simply because it is more user-friendly.

The new update to this app has made both Android and iOS versions parallel and identical today.

8. NOAA Weather Radar Live

Noaa weather radar alert

Most weather apps rely on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to obtain data.

Wouldn’t it be best to get the weather forecast directly from NOAA’s app?

NOAA Radar is the best weather app to check local forecasts and monitor weather patterns via satellite maps.

The app sends you a notification immediately when a weather problem is announced.

This is an app that offers everything exactly as you would expect from a mobile weather app.

9. My Moon Phase

My moon phase

If your interest in the best weather apps extends to the lunar calendar, My Moon Phase is a must-download.

The app can help you pinpoint the time of moonrise as well as the phases of the moon with a comprehensive calendar for tracking moon cycles.

You can also get notification of when the Moon is about to enter a particular phase.

On the weather front, you can also see how cloudy it will be so you know if you have a clear view of the Moon.

10. Weather Underground

Weather underground

This app gives reason enough to install it on your phone.

This one of the best weather app relies on a network of over 30,000 personal and amateur weather stations to deliver truly local weather forecasts.

Crowd reporting features allow you to verify reported forecasts and post your own sky and hazard reports.

A detailed weather map allows you to apply a variety of information overlays.


These are some of the best weather apps for Android and iOS. The apps stand apart on features like live weather feature, weather maps, ads, and an interactive user interface. You can select any app depends on the features best suited for you.

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