Coding Standard Essentials Of Software Development You Need To Know- 2022

What is a Coding Standard?

PHP coding standards

Let us first take a look at the coding conventions when writing PHP code for WordPress. Given below are some of them-

1. Single and Double Quotes

2. Indentation

3. Brace Style

4. Use else if instead of not else if

5. Defining Arrays

6. Closures (Anonymous Functions)

7. Function Calls on Many Lines

8. Regular Expressions

9. PHP Open and Close Tags

10. Shorthand PHP Start Tags

11. Remove Trailing Spaces

12. Space usage

13. SQL statement formatting

14. Database queries

15. Naming conventions

16. Per file, just one object structure (class, interface, or trait) should be declared

17. Flag values with Self-Explanatory Text Function Arguments Values

18. Interpolation for Naming Dynamic Hooks

19. Ternary Operator

20. Yoda Conditions

21. Clever code

22. Error Control operator

WordPress coding standards

WP VIP coding standards

Why are coding guidelines important?

Wonder why are coding rules beneficial to a coder’s success? In short, if coding standards in software engineering are not set, developers may use whatever way they like, which may have undesirable consequences such as:

1. Security Concerns

2. Performance Issues

Why are coding standards important in Software development?

Bug fixing

Minimal difficulty

Efficient use of cost and time

Increased Productivity

The likelihood of a project’s failure is minimized

An in-depth examination

Simple to Maintain

Makes a robust software

Technical debt reduction

Improving readability and editing efficiency

Ideal Coding Standard practices to write better codes

Use of Indentation

Avoid Commenting on Obvious Things

Proper and Consistent Scheme for Naming

4. Code Comments and Proper Documentation

5. Proper organization of files and folders

6. Code for Classification

7. The principle of Dry

8. Nesting structures with a lot of depth should be avoided

9. Shorten the line length

10. Procedural programming vs. OOPs

11. Readability of open source code

12. Coding refactoring

To Wrap Up

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