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How to get more followers on Instagram in 2024

Your Instagram followers are members of your community, not just a numerical figure. Having a sizable Instagram following might be advantageous if you’re an influencer, entrepreneur, or just trying to widen your social network. However, if expanding your followers on Instagram is your primary objective, you may experience a rise in traffic, revenue, and interaction.

With more than 1 billion users on the network, building a sizable following may seem impossible. In order to increase your Instagram following, we’ll look at some tried-and-true methods in this post which are given below:

13 Ways to increase your Instagram following :

1. Avoid Buying Followers on Instagram

It takes time to establish a following on Instagram, unless Taylor Swift has made reference to you in a song. But using bots or buying more followers on instagram as shortcuts isn’t the solution. You can’t grow Instagram  account by buying engagement, like views and comments, or by taking part in engagement pods. You want to build a vibrant community, not merely get a tonne of followers for the sake of numbers.

2. Make Your Instagram Bio More Effective

Since your Instagram bio is frequently the first thing new users see, it’s the ideal place to introduce yourself and your services right away. You have just 150 characters in your Instagram bio. However, it determines whether or not you make a good first impression on prospective clients and followers.
To create the ideal Instagram bio, you must master these four elements:

  • A concise explanation of your services and/or products
  • A moment of brand individuality
  • An clear suggestion to action
  • A link

3. Include keywords in your name and username

Instagram gives preference to search results with terms in the username and name.Your Instagram handle, or the @name on your profile, is your username: For easy recognition, make sure this is identical to the name of your business and/or matches the username associated with your profile on other social media platforms.

Your name is the name of your business, or you can call it anything you want: Incorporate pertinent keywords here to increase your exposure.

Since your profile is the first thing someone sees when they land on it, adding a relevant keyword is also a great way to quickly notify potential buyers who you are and what you sell.

4. Have a strong personal brand and branded hashtags

Whether it’s style advice, motivational sayings, or recipe content, having a distinct value proposition is crucial to turning visitors into followers. Your brand recognition can increase by using a branded and relevant  hashtag. That said, this does not imply that every piece of content you create must be identical.

Think of sentences that capture your brand’s beliefs, objective, or campaign instead than just utilising your name.

5. Create eye-catching captions 

Skimping on Instagram captions might be tempting, especially after you’ve worked so hard to construct the ideal carousel or video. However, Instagram captions are more important than you might realise because they might influence someone to follow you or ignore you. Thus, crafting pertinent and evocative captions with carefully considered keywords can significantly influence how easily people find your material (hello, Instagram SEO). Thus, crafting pertinent and evocative captions with carefully considered keywords can significantly influence how easily people find your material (hello, Instagram SEO).

6. Create a marketing plan for Instagram

Therefore, if accessibility isn’t given top priority in your social media strategy, you can be preventing connections, consumers, or future clients from interacting with your content. However, how can one develop a strategy for Instagram growth? Here are the steps given below:

  • Set clear objectives

Decide if your goals are to raise brand awareness, improve direct conversions, enhance website traffic, or achieve another goal.

  • Assess your target audience in 360 degrees

It is important to know the fundamental demographics. Beyond that, though, and have a thorough understanding of your audience’s problems and how your Instagram content strategy might assist them in overcoming them.

  • Establish the atmosphere and overall appearance of your brand

While difficult to monitor or measure, brand voice is essential to being remembered. Along with defining the brand’s voice, you can also define your style on Instagram. Possess a personality, adhere to a recurring content topic, and use brand colours.

  • Develop and adhere to content pillar topics

Choose a specific specialisation for your Instagram profile.There are numerous advantages to this:

  1. Coming up with original content ideas doesn’t have to be a daily struggle.
  2. Your following on Instagram begins to recognise you for the kind of content you provide. 
  3. You stay focused on your Instagram approach and don’t get sidetracked by the latest, greatest thing.

7. Establish a Regular Schedule for Instagram Posts

As far as Instagram growth is concerned, the key is consistency.

“Your audience will get to know you better and more as a result of your consistency, which fosters trust. Additionally, they’ll know what to anticipate from you, which will motivate them to follow and interact with your material, according to Linsday Ashcraft, social media lead at Later.

Nonetheless, the creation of high-quality content that truly benefits your audience should always take precedence over quantity so, that’s why you can get more followers on instagram.

8. Determine the Ideal Time for Posting

As was already discussed, it’s important to post regularly on Instagram.

Additionally, publishing at the proper moment might result in an increase in traffic and the discovery of new readers for your material. 

In a subsequent study, we discovered that consumers generally interact more with information released in the early morning hours than with any other time of day.

Stated differently, the first bird gets the worm.

It’s crucial to determine your own optimal posting time, though. You can get recommendations for the ideal time to post for maximum interaction by using Later’s best time to post feature.

9. Work together with small businesses or Instagram creators.

A great growth hack is to collaborate with brands and influencers who share your values. You’ll be able to reach a new audience of possible followers and profit from brand association. It’s crucial to make sure the business or creative you collaborate with shares your values and whose fan base has similar demographics and interests as your intended market. You will gain more Instagram followers and visibility for your profile by doing this.

10. Make Additional Instagram Reels

One of the best methods to attract new audiences on Instagram Reels is still through efficient use of the platform. Reels are extremely discoverable on Instagram because, in contrast to other post formats like carousels, they have a dedicated space on the Explore page and a button on the home feed navigation bar. The Reels feed provides users with high-interest content, much like the TikTok For You page, which makes it simpler to gain more followers on instagram and become more visible.

11. Ask for Verification

A blue verification badge verifies that an account belongs to a well-known person, celebrity, company, or other public figure. By requesting verification, users can be more confident that they are communicating with a real account and not a phoney or impersonated one.

12. Try out various post formats on Instagram

Instagram is no longer just a photo app. The platform has introduced many formats, including Instagram Reels, pinned posts, Story Highlights, and carousel posts. 

For bite-sized, fun posts, your audience could favour Instagram Reels; for all things instructive, they might choose carousel posts.

Try posting a variety of content if you feel that your Instagram account is stagnating. The ideal approach is to blend all the types, as demonstrated by the skincare line 100percentpure.

13. Engage your viewers with comments and stories.

Interact with your Instagram followers to learn about their issues, provide them with information, and generate ideas for new material. Instagram trainer for company owners Elise Darma claims that talking to your audience is a neglected method of gaining more Instagram followers:

The best course of action would not be to stand about and wait for others to approach you; instead, you would make a lot more friends if you struck up a conversation, introduced yourself, and asked people about themselves.

Once you start getting thousands of DMs and comments, it becomes infeasible to reply to every one of them, but try your best to address every question.


Now that you’ve read these 13 ideas, you’re undoubtedly better prepared to increase your Instagram followers. Increasing more Instagram followers demands a calculated strategy. Maintain a regular posting schedule, concentrate on producing excellent material that connects with your audience, and interact with your followers in a genuine way. Although it takes time and work to create an engaged community, the benefits are great.


Mix up your Instagram best practices. You can use a branded hashtag, make AR filters, upload reels, and hold contests. Share content frequently and interact with your audience to get the greatest results.

Posting at least once a day is generally advised for visibility and engagement. Maintaining a consistent posting schedule is likewise preferable to publishing information in short spurts interspersed with idle intervals.

  • Make an impact with your Instagram bio.
  • Establish a connection with your network.
  • Identify your target market.
  • Follow the ‘5 likes, comment, and follow’ guideline.
  • Find your brand’s voice.
  • Create enticing, viral subtitles!
  • Share interesting stuff.
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