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IT Staff Augmentation Model- To Expand Your Team

It is a smart model that focuses on in-house expansion to provide assistance in hiring experts for your projects in a quick way. An outsourcing strategy to hire skilled tech resources on an external basis to cover the important positions in the team in a temporary or permanent manner. It allows the business to select the candidates that fit their requirements. Various companies offer the staff augmentation model. IT staff augmentation vendors assist you to add skilled technician resources to your team for a short or long time.

Recruiting an IT expert needs a lot of time, especially if you need an expert in a particular field. But such an approach needs no work if your project requires a team player immediately.

IT staff augmentation is part of staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is a kind of outsourcing service from an external provider who is on a contract basis to add up to the knowledge or skill of the existing team. The strategy also includes determining the existing staff capabilities and defining what skills are required.

Expand your team quickly-IT Staff Augmentation

What Is Staff Augmentation?

IT Staff augmentation refers to when an organization seeks outside help to complete necessary IT projects. Two primary models are there- staff augmentation and project outsourcing. Staff augmentation is a kind of outsourcing that use a temporary worker to fill a short-term job position in your organization. In staff augmentation, the investment in engineering resources is there and you have full control over your team.

It is becoming a trending word in the IT job sector market that has attracted various global businesses to hire remotely. The resources are directly employed and the cost to make them full-time employees is eliminated. Remote developers are hired for one project at a time.

Is Staff Augmentation Right For You?

It will be suitable if you want to-
  • Increase your team quickly

The IT staff augmentation model helps to search for experts quickly. You just need to connect with the vendor, look through the CV of the developer and conduct an interview.

  • Have a tech-savvy manager on the team

The charge is in your hands completely for managing the team and developing a product. This means you have a good and tech-savvy manager who has sufficient knowledge and experience in a particular area.

  • Require expert

The skill level is necessary. As an experienced professional can easily and quickly adapt to the project and the working environment.

  • Need enhanced communication with the team

Complete control over the project will require improved communication. Daily reporting is needed. Professionals will also be part of the team subordinated to you.

Advantages Of Staff Augmentation

  • Increase in productivity

IT Staff augmentation allows an increase in a high level of productivity as the developers focus on one project only. To work for one client and follow their vision refers to an increase in levels of motivation and dedication.

  • Fills the gaps in the workforce

If there are gaps in your IT workforce, this staff augmentation model is the best option for you. It helps to expand your team, hire global talent, and add skilled people to your team depending on your requirements.

  • Saves money and time

A different model helps to save money. As you hire an expert temporarily and you pay according to the amount of work they do and what you need. Time is also saved as you don’t need to create a job post, interview the candidate, or go through the paperwork. With the IT staff augmentation model, time spent on the recruitment of a new employee is removed.

  • Maintains control over existing employees

Another big advantage of staff augmentation is you can maintain control over your existing employees. As this model enables you to choose a temporary team to work with. You have control over the project and its priorities. Geographical issues are avoided because your team is from on-site only.

  • Offers flexibility

The access to huge talent of IT professionals is there. From UX developers to front-end developers. The talent pool is bigger so it’s easier to replace.

Challenges related to staff augmentation

Challenges-IT Staff Augmentation

It may have various advantages, but there are some challenges you may worry about. They are discussed below-

  • English and communication skills

When you hire a candidate, you may worry about their communication skills as he is from a diverse area or continent. So, you need to select them carefully. Communication skills depend upon the experience and how long the organization is serving in the international market. Through this, it will be easier to establish an effective communication system.

  • Different time zones

If the candidate is working at a time when you have already completed your day’s task. How to cooperate and fix this problem. This is the real challenge, but it can turn into a benefit. The solution for it is to select the appropriate destination. A bit of time difference is not a problem like three to five hours. Daily meetups will help you process the work and to solve any query or plan next-day tasks.

  • Unsuited expectations

When your team is distributed in various locations, concern about the end result is there. Will they be able to fulfill the project needs? Here is the solution to it. First to provide a clear, right, and detailed document, to keep a check on the span of the work.

Cost and payment model

A fixed monthly payment model is to be decided and agreed upon. You can optimize the spending through wise investment in it. IT staff augmentation is an alternative option in regard to on-site hiring. It’s also the way to build cooperation with IT experts worldwide, grow fast, avoid HR-related tasks, invest in resources wisely, efficiently decrease unnecessary expenditures, and focus on business development and growth.


Recruiting new talent for your company is a huge task. In addition to it, the hiring outcome can be unpredictable. When you want an expert for a short period of time, the IT staff augmentation model is right for you. It provides your business an edge over the competitors and gives you total control over the projects.

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