Find Trending Audio on Instagram

Learn How To Find Trending Audio on Instagram 2024

Are you getting annoyed with your Instagram Reels’ stale engagement? Do you wish the most well-liked posts on your Reels had the same contagious energy? The soundtrack may have the answer. You can find trending audio on Instagram in 2024 by following this advice. You’ll learn the greatest techniques for tracking down the newest musical fads and creating reels that captivate viewers.

Choosing the ideal music for your most recent Instagram Reel is an art, not a science. You might get the extra push you need to appear on the Instagram Explore page or Reels feed by using a popular audio or song clip. When you incorporate popular music into your Instagram Reels, you can expand your viewership. It’s simple to add music to reels, but it can be difficult to discover what’s popular. Fortunately, the options are virtually limitless if you know where to look for popular tracks and noises on Instagram.

We’ll walk you through every technique in this article for locating the hottest songs and noises on Instagram before they become unpopular.

How to search trending audio on Instagram

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There are numerous approaches to discovering trending audio on Instagram. Let’s examine this:

Tik Tok

Looking through TikTok can be a great way to discover new and trending songs and find inspiration. Most popular audio trends on Instagram have their roots on TikTok. If you’re unsure about whether audio is popular right now or will become very popular in the future, TikTok is the best place to start your investigation!

Instagram Reel templates 

You should also remember to use Instagram Reel templates if you want to discover how to discover popular music on Instagram. You know what, these Instagram Reel templates help you create incredible photo and video montages for your reel. They’re often right on trend! When you are prepared to build a reel, take a look at the Templates option. Once you’ve chosen a template, here’s your chance to add your own footage and edit the movie.


Spotify has a number of charts that highlight the most popular tracks both internationally and locally, such as “Viral Sounds for Instagram” and “Top Tracks.” To find songs that are trending, peruse these charts.

There are also playlists that Spotify has carefully selected, such as “Viral Hits,” “Today’s Top Hits,” and playlists tailored to particular genres. These playlists can provide you with information about what’s currently trending and are updated frequently with popular tracks.

The Creators account on Instagram

The @Creators account on Instagram has a tonne of amazing information and growth strategy ideas. They frequently release a reels trends carousel that offers editing tips and tactics in addition to the newest and best sounds that top producers are utilising.

Meta Music Library

The Instagram app from Meta has a built-in Sound Collection. More than 14,000 tunes and sound effects in this library are royalty-free, allowing filmmakers to use them freely in reels and stories—even for some commercial uses.Simply slide up to select the music sticker in Stories or hit the audio symbol in the Reels camera to get these options. To get a clear impression of what music is popular right now, you may even sort the sounds by “Most popular.”

When several users utilise the same sound and it starts to gain massive popularity on Instagram, that music is said to be trending. Utilising these popular noises raises the possibility that someone else will view or share your content. Among the songs that are popular are:

Top 15 best popular songs on Instagram in 2024

Find Trending Audio on Instagram

Several people use the same sound and it gains massive popularity on Instagram, making the music a trending one. Utilising these popular noises raises the possibility that someone else will view or share your content. Among the songs that are popular are:

1. Rosyln (feat. a thunderstorm)

This Bon Iver song is the cosiest of all time, enhanced with the sound of thunder and raindrops for added effect. Put this one away for those cosy winter evenings.

2. Beautiful Things

Benson Boon’s energetic single is now trending on many platforms, but it seems like it should be on my Reels feed in 2024. I am constantly hearing better and better renditions of the song. Instagram-worthy events are expertly paired with the phrases “Please stay, I want you, I need you, oh God, don’t take these beautiful things that I’ve got”

3. The Boy is Mine

The Boy Is Mine: Ariana Grande has released her highly anticipated album, and her tracks are already becoming more and more popular. However, Instagram is also on the list of places these songs are trending, in addition to billboards.

4. Shik Shak Shok

Shik Shak Shok: Who would have thought that a 23-year-old song by Egyptian musician Hassan Abu El So’oud would become trending audio on Instagram? Use for more than 486K reels—this tune has us all in stitches! Remember that, contrary to what these flicks indicate, Shik Shak Shok does not imply being shocked. It truly speaks to the superiority of women in dance!

5. Texas Hold ‘Em

How could Beyoncé’s unexpected, non-genre song that goes viral right away not end up being one of the songs that people use for Instagram Reels the most in 2024? Millions of Reels have included the catchy song, and those Reels have received millions of views. This music has been used in a wide range of industries, including productivity, travel, beauty, and more.

6. Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter 

For other accounts, this tune works well as a background track for recaps, daily life content, and other purposes. However, it is not available for use with business accounts. With 122K reels, Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter is now trending. One of Sabrina’s most recent songs, it has gained a lot of popularity.

7. Moonlight Serenade

This nostalgic, dreamy film from Glenn Miller’s Moonlight Serenade is perfect for small businesses, especially if you want to highlight a special event, gorgeous landscape, or my personal favourite: amazing foodie clips.

See how @alexarosa showcased these mouthwatering pie cupcakes using the audio. 

8. Italian Cafe Vibes

Although this audio has a romantic feel to it, a lot of individuals are utilising it to make fun of themselves or some oddball hobby of theirs. Watch the video below to see how @madelinemaesmithauthor made fun of themselves with this audio.

9. What You Won’t Do For Love

What You Won’t Do For Love: This Bobby Caldwell song, whether it’s the lyrics or the opening music, is unquestionably one of the most popular ones on Instagram right now. It has been used 854K times in reels and articles, and as we speak, that figure might increase!

10.  What Did It Get Me?

What Did It Get Me?: Regardless of your opinion towards the well-liked 2009 television series “Glee,” this audio (as featured by Kurt in Show) can make you want to create an angry Instagram reel. This is without a doubt the most trending audio on instagram this year, with over 20.5K reels.

11. Some days I am just on fire’

In this entertaining audio clip, Michael Scott from The Office declares, “There are days when I feel like I’m on fire.” How do I put it? With the help of this audio, you can celebrate a tiny work you’ve completed, give yourself a sincere pat on the back, or make light of yourself.
Here’s how @roysdigitalmedia made light of social media managers’ artful caption writing by using the audio.

12. Let’s go!’

This upbeat and joyful music really makes you feel fantastic. Fun tip: Like @thelawnandorder did in their video utilising this audio, use the countdown at the beginning to create suspense and lead into a major reveal.

13. “You’ll be fine,”

This well-known audio features a snippet from Djo’s renowned song End of Beginning, which has the line “Just trust me, you’ll be fine.”

This clip is being used by a lot of individuals to add text with the response, “You’ll be fine,” to a query in their videos. See how @selenamup conveyed a message with this audio: don’t allow the haters stop you from filming your stuff for public consumption.

14. Cruel Summer

But Cruel Summer is the gift that never stops. Despite being published in 2019, the song continues to rise to the top of global charts, perhaps due in large part to its popularity as a social media video. It had been utilised in an astounding 600K Reels as of the publication of this article. Although the song can serve as the background for practically any video, it is especially effective for fashion and other lifestyle accounts.

The song works well for various videos, particularly fashion and lifestyle accounts.

15. Million Dollar Baby  

With 250K reels, Tommy Richman’s Million Dollar Baby is currently trending audio on instagram. This song is ideal as the soundtrack for your vintage fit-check or hair/makeup tutorial videos. Try it out!

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Those who want to create engaging content, find new music, and participate in contemporary cultural phenomena need to stay up to date with trending audio on Instagram.
In the ever-changing world of social media, keeping up with trending audios guarantees users stay connected and relevant, whether for personal enjoyment or purposeful content development. That concludes our guide to finding trending audio on Instagram! We would be delighted to see a reel you’ve made using one of the popular sounds from this guide! To help us locate you on Instagram, please tag @deliverables_agency.

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