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Awesome Apps For Secret Texting In 2024

Best Apps for Secret Texting in 2022

Checkout the Top 10 Apps For Secret Texting available in the world. The growth of technology is quite advantageous to hackers which permits them to hack the secrets of the conversation between two people.

Secret messaging is the talk of the hour as it keeps your conversations safe from prying eyes. In the present world, data privacy and security are the most crucial features when changing messages with others.

Thus, people around the globe will be very careful while dividing any confidential data with their friends, colleagues or family members.

This may tend to meet a different set of issues in the future. To stay away from such hackers, people should use secret texting apps provided with amazing aspects.

Data has become one of the most valuable assets today, a key features to get a better understanding of the market.

Keeping your privacy in mind, we have compiled a list of hidden messaging apps that hide text messages promising to keep your privacy intact by offering security services. Here is a list of top secret messaging apps that look like games widely used by people across the world.

What is Secure Messaging?

Being completely safe in today’s world is a difficult task, but it is not impossible. Using the right secret messaging apps can help you ensure that other parties can’t see your personal information and your secret messages.

In our experience, the most secure messaging app is Signal. Its open-source Signal protocol is the industry standard for end-to-end message and voice encryption.

These parties may involves your Internet Service Provider (ISP), app creators, the government, or anyone else. Each of these function has its own interests. So to save yourself safe, you require to select apps with all the mandatory features for safe messaging.

10 Best Encrypted Messaging Apps

If privacy is important to your communication, check out this list of some of the best encrypted messaging apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Thanks to iOS’s new confidential label, as a result, we can now simply tell if the encrypted messaging app collects user data.

custom mobile app development company can also help you promote your own secret texting app that delivers seamless encryption services.

1. Telegram — Best Private Messaging App

Telegram-secret texting apps

  • Telegram is one of the best secret messaging apps and one of the best social media apps in the market. Use Telegram app, where you can get the facilities of end-to-end encryption.
  • It connects people on a distributed network of data centers around the world. It is the most secure messaging platform designed with advanced settings and features to keep users’ documents safe from hacking hunters.
  • The app also offers some cool customisation where you can convert the theme of your chats involving Dark, Night and Arctic color themes.
  • One of the noticeable advantages are combined with this app is self-demolition, where customer can place a time limit for messages, videos, photos and more to vanish once the recipient is viewed.
  • This encrypted app has attracted the attention of over 200 million users who are very active.
2. Viber — Private Messaging App


  • Viber is one of the top private chat platforms used by millions of customers over the globe.
  • It’s like incognito apps that look like games that are safe and simple. It is secret messaging apps that look like games. Using such chatting apps allows you to make high-quality calls and for free.
  • This end-to-end encryption system protects the factors exchanged between the sender and the receiver. A data plan or Wi-Fi connection is needed to use this application.
  • This great group chat applications has more than 1 billion users worldwide.
  • Just fend off from your stress, there is safety and security in the combination between sender and receiver and you don’t want to think too much about hackers.
3. Silence — Hidden Apps For Texting


  • It is one of the popular secret texting apps specially designed for Android users where they can access MMS and SMS settings under one roof.
  • A very cool MMS and SMS secret texting app for Android users can freely interrelate with their contacts without any fear of privacy breach.
  • People can create contact with their friends or teammates without any panic in their mind. This type of hidden messages app for android lets you share media in different formats through secure channels.
  • The messages you share through this application are safe and secure. It is a free texting app platform and users do not require internet connection to use this application.
  • This type of hidden messages app for android lets you share media in different formats through secure channels.
4. Whatsapp — Encrypted Secret Messaging Apps

whatsapp-secret texting apps

  • The conversation through WhatsApp is entirely secure since 2016. As per to the report, around 2 billion people are using this great platform which can take you away from cheaters or malicious actors.
  • When it comes to private messaging apps, nothing can be better than this cross-platform best secret texting app.
  • End-to-end encryption is offered and hackers can never decry-pt the communications. The server doesn’t even save the texts.
  • The user base of this app is huge with an amount exceeding 1.5 billion.
  • The persistent encryption system enhances the privacy between users and can be perfectly suitable for small to large sized devices.
5. Messages Lite — Hidden Messages App

messages lite

If you are looking for secret messaging app, then you can say that it is one of the best messaging apps for Android.

Trust me, this is the complete solution to organize all your SMS messages accurately!

This app categorizes all types of messages such that it separates personal messages, promotional messages and spam messages.

6. Wire- Best Security with End-to-End Encryption


  • In tech driven world, many organizations and brands are looking out for a platform for secure communication. As these brands are handling a wide range of confidential documents or deals. So there might be a chance that they may get hacked by their competitors.
  • For avoiding such difficult situations, you could use wire app. this app provides you with an option to share the information with encryption features and settings.
  • Supports both voice and video calls.
    Wire app encrypts all data and is protected by European privacy laws, moreover users can log in to the application with manifold accounts.
7. CoverME- Secret Messaging and Call Apps

coverme-secret texting apps

  • Privacy options for both calls and texts. Self destruction of messages are also possible.
  • There is an additional option of setting passwords to safeguard your personal photos and videos from others. Organizations can develop encrypted systems using these advanced techniques.
  • Moreover if anybody try to view the messages or trying the wrong password will show an empty vault. so its better to use a secret code that is only known by the receiver only.
  • Option of remote wiping of sent messages is also available.
  • From private number secret call making is also possible. one can also disguise the application as news reading application.
8. Threema- Best Secret Texting App For Android


  • Threema is a famous messaging app with end to end encryption. Integrated enhanced features will never allow third party to hack your calls and messages.
  • Looking for an technique to maintain your secrets, then must install and use this application. nowadays more than 3.5 million users are benefiting from this app.
  • You have to take responsibility to safeguard your documents and personal details and Threema is the best app to hide your text messages, one can use this anonymously and can make back-to -back encrypted voice calls also.
    App can be used on PC or phone and keep all data secured from third party hackers and developers.
  • This app have an innovative poll feature, so you can also conduct polls, also have options for sharing pictures, location and videos.
    Facilitates multi- file format also.
  • If you want to know about to stay your secrets, then install and use this application when working with confidential information.
9. Line- Apps with Hidden Chat Feature


  • After the inclusion of end-to-end encryption system, people used this application more than expected.
  • This characteristics is named “Letter Ceiling” which has the ability to save the transferring information between the sender and the receiver. So, just install and use without any app support.
  • Around 700 million users have started enjoying a variety of advantages without expending any small amount.
10. Wickr Me- Secret Texting Apps for Android

wickme-secret texting apps

  • This secret messaging app is equipped with encrypted voice and voice calling memos that lets you connect with friends instantly.
  • The app will let you decide who will have access to view your content and the time period of accessibility.
  • It works by encoding messages with new keys and using back-to-back encryption. Users’ address books also remain private and the information is not stored in a server.
  • The eventual encryption services of this hidden messaging app are quite strong. Featuring backward and forward secrecy for user content, this app is increasing a lot of demanding at the present time.
  • There have been more than 5,000,000 installs of this app so far.

How to choose the best secret messaging application?

best secret messaging apps

Before deciding which chatting app best suits your needs, jot down the essentials from the app. You may need to send secure messages after 24 hours or delete regular messages, etc.

From a developer’s or business owner’s perspective, if you want to introduce your target audience to highly secure secret texting apps, you should go ahead in hiring advanced and first-class developers.

They provide world class android app development company and iphone app development services. Now everyone can protect themselves from hackers with sound security apps.

Each application has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Thus, it is important to choose secret apps wisely in 2020, with the technology growing the most and driving the most growth ever.

Final Verdict

The technology has brought a lot of changes in the applications to improve the safety and security measures and people are using it extensively. Thus, the listed apps will help you keep your data safe in any case while sharing. Secret Messaging Apps are compatible with both desktop & Smartphone.

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