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Top 10 Tips for Viral Instagram Reels


Instagram Reels are a format that was introduced to rival TikTok, and you are probably already very familiar with it. One of the best things about Viral Instagram Reels is that they can be made without expensive cameras capable of capturing 8K footage. The cameras on your own smartphone work well enough.

When Instagram introduced the Reels function, it gained popularity right away. Every day, millions of people use Instagram to make and view reels. Ten useful suggestions for making Instagram reels go viral in 2024 are provided below. They are useful for producing material for Instagram that gains popularity.

1. Stay Updated with Emerging Trends

These days, Instagram Reels are very similar to TikTok. Users post their videos in response to certain factors, challenges, or trends that go viral.

By producing material that is relevant to current issues and trends, you may take advantage of this. This will help you get more views and engagement on your Reels.

Make sure the viral components you include in your instagram reels are appropriate for your company and brand. In this manner, even if your Reels get viral, you can continue to produce leads and purchases.

2.  Identify your audience

To make an Instagram reel go viral, you must understand your target market. Each person is interested in a certain subject. To achieve this, set aside some time to investigate and discover the passions, traits, interests, and routines of your followers.

Reels can be tailored to your audience’s preferences if you are aware of their interests. You’ll receive the most shares and interaction with it. Your reels will attract more attention and stand out in their feed.

3. Concentrate on a certain topic or niche

Selecting a topic or category and posting frequently about it is one strategy to increase your Instagram following and go viral.

Instagram will display your posts to users who are already interested in the subject matter you are publishing about because of its machine learning technology. This is the reason picking a theme or speciality and sticking with it is crucial!

4. Utilise Noises or Well-Known Music

Using music can add a lot of excitement and energy to your Reels. It can also be used to set the mood and ambiance of your video. For this reason, it is essential to include popular music or other sounds that would appeal to your target demographic.

Sound effects are another tool you may use to add interest and enjoyment to your reels. Just be careful that the noises you use don’t detract from the subject of your film and are appropriate for it.

5. Use hashtags

Using hashtags to promote your Reels is a terrific method to reach a wider audience. Utilising pertinent hashtags facilitates users’ discovery of your content.

Use Instagram’s search feature to locate the appropriate hashtags. Seek out trending hashtags associated with your video. For instance, use hashtag tools like Hashtagify and RiteTag to help you locate the appropriate hashtags for your Reels if you are selling landline phone service to seniors.

6. Put Some Text in Your Instagram Reel

Whether they are Reels or Stories, over 80% of Instagram users are thought to view videos silently. For this reason, it’s a great idea to provide text or captions that will aid viewers in understanding the information in the absence of audio. Additionally, text will make your films understandable to those who have hearing problems.

7. Add a Request for Action

To get your viewers to engage with your videos, you should always add a call to action. This is the most effective approach to learn about the thoughts and feelings of your audience. After that, you can produce material based on their tastes. This does not imply departing from your selected topic or idea; rather, it suggests considering how to convey it in a way that would grab the attention of viewers.

8. Utilising Popular Sound Effects and Music

You need to stay up to date on the newest Instagram trends if you want to maintain your audience interested in your material. Making use of popular sounds, melodies, and audio effects on Instagram will facilitate the discovery and sharing of your clips.

Using popular sounds and effects on your profile will boost interaction and drive more visitors to it. To reach a wider audience, you can place your reels on the Explore tab. Keep an eye out for any updates by frequently checking the “For You” page.

9. Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Marketing specialists at Bookatrekking, a tour operator that plans hikes along well-known hiking routes like Peter Habeler Runde and others, assert that monitoring your rivals is essential to staying one step ahead of the competition. Examine their approach and strive to enhance it.

You can accomplish this by watching their Reels and becoming their Instagram follower. Observe the tactics they employ and consider how you may improve upon them. You may monitor the Instagram Reels of your rivals by using tools like ReelRank and Insights. 

10. The Secret Is Consistency

Consistency is the key to success on any social media network. This is true for Instagram Reels as well. To increase the number of people that follow you and watch your videos, you must maintain consistency. This entails frequently scheduling, uploading, and marketing Instagram reels.

You can continue to dominate your supporters’ thoughts. By doing this, you’ll raise the likelihood that more people will see and distribute your reels. Your fans eagerly anticipate each day to check out your latest posts. It will keep you visiting the website on a regular basis. 


Getting your Instagram Reels viral may seem like an impossible feat. But it’s totally doable if you use the appropriate tactics. When you eventually get more people to notice your Reels, you will increase at the forefront recognition in addition to gaining more followers. Just keep in mind to concentrate on producing high-quality material that appeals to your intended audience. You can get more followers and improve your chances of making viral reels by implementing these methods making additional efforts.

It’s critical to pinpoint your target demographic and provide content that speaks to them if you want your reel to go viral.

The reach and engagement of your Reel will be tracked by Instagram’s algorithm. You risk having readers become disinterested in your content more quickly if you receive a lot of views from an irrelevant hashtag.

You have to make the most of the first few seconds of your reel to draw in viewers. Make sure that the opening of your reel grabs viewers’ attention right away.

One or two Instagram reels should be posted every day. Post one picture or a carousel post on Instagram every day.

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