Free Instagram story downloader tools

Top 5 Best Free Instagram Story Downloader Tools

This blog post provides Top 5 free instagram story downloader tool and the actions you need to take to store them on your smartphone. Take a look at these suggestions to find out how to create Instagram stories in mass.

Free Instagram Story Downloader Tools to help you expand your account

Success on Instagram frequently results from regularly posting engaging material for your followers. For improved outcomes, you can use these tools to help you develop the correct kind of content and post it frequently. 

Here are the Free Instagram Story Downloader Tools given below:

1. iGram Story Saver

igram : instagram story saver

Users searching for a simple and lightweight way to download Instagram stories can find what they’re looking for with iGram Story Saver. It’s a great option for novices due to its user-friendly interface and simplistic style. Using iGram Story Saver to store stories:

  • Click on the Stories you wish to save after scrolling through them.
  • Make a copy of the Stories’ URL.
  • To paste the link, go to the iGram Story Save page.
  • The Stories will be downloaded to your device when you tap the download button.

2. Toolzu: Get online stories to download

Toolzu :Instagram Story Downloader Tools

You may download stories, videos, IGTV videos, and other content from Instagram using Toolzu, a third-party tool. You may download Instagram stories for free by using your browser to access it. Additionally, there is a premium subscription available that offers limitless downloads, faster speeds, the ability to delete advertising, and more.

  • Open a browser window and enter
  • Next, launch the Toolzu application. This is how the main page appears:
  • Next, type the Instagram account from which you wish to download a story into the white bar and choose it by clicking the blue “Download” button.
  • At last, the procedure will begin, and all of the stories from that Instagram account will be visible to you. Enter the Instagram account you wish to download a story from in the white box and select the blue “Download” option.
  • Press the Download button one more time to complete the procedure.

3. is the greatest tool for downloading Instagram stories to your browser. Similar to Toolzu, StorySaver is another app for downloading Instagram stories. Using your web browser, you can download the story you’re interested in from a particular public account or the profile’s highlighted stories.
The following are the steps to follow:

  • Enter in your browser.
  • Next, launch the StorySaver application.
  • Then, type the Instagram account into the search box window and select the green “Download” button.
  • You can now download each Instagram story on your smartphone individually as they become available.

4. Snapinsta : Instagram Story Downloader

Snapinsta : Instagram Story Downloader Tools

As its name suggests, Snapinsta for Instagram offers a quick and easy way to download Instagram Stories.
In order to utilise Snapinsta:

  • Visit the Snapinsta website.
  • Type in the Story’s URL to download it.
  • Choose the narrative you wish to download.
  • To save the video Instagram story to your device, click the “Download” button.

5. In-store: Save narratives straight to the app

In-store video downloader

With just a few clicks, you may download Instagram stories straight from the InStore app, a third-party Instagram app. Moreover, feed posts, videos, DP, and profiles can all be downloaded.
Here are the methods to download an Instagram story using InStore:

  • Launch the InStore app.
  • Next, select the InStore Story Saver option from the screen’s bottom menu.
  • After that, input your login information and click the Login button to link your Instagram account to the InStore.
  • Following that, you’ll see the same Instagram story section as in your Instagram app. Select the account from which you wish to view a story.
  • When the Instagram story loads, you should select Download to store it to your smartphone.

That’s it, too! When we discuss images or videos, you will always locate the following Instagram story in your gallery or storage when your work is finished.

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A Legal and Ethical Perspective

Although Instagram story downloader provide a practical means of preserving and enjoying Stories, it is imperative to acknowledge the possible legal and ethical ramifications. Unauthorised dissemination of other people’s content is prohibited per Instagram’s terms of usage. Thus, it’s advised to respect copyright and privacy rights and only use downloaders for personal use.

What is the process for downloading Instagram stories?

The method of downloading your own Instagram stories is really simple and only requires a few steps to complete. Unlike when you downloaded other people’s stories, you no longer need to use applications developed by third parties. Here are some detailed instructions for doing it right from the Instagram app:

  • Launch the Instagram app and navigate to your profile.
  • Next, click the three dots in the lower right corner of your tale after it has opened.

 NOTE: To download a previous story, select it from the profile menu’s Story Archive section, then hit the three dots again.

  • Click on Save Photo when the menu appears.
  • After that, locate your Instagram story saved in the gallery on your phone.

The way we distribute and enjoy information on social media has been completely transformed by Instagram Stories. Since more people are downloading Instagram stories, the transient nature of these stories is no longer a barrier to saving and revisiting special events.

We’ve discussed the value of Instagram Stories, dived into the realm of Instagram story downloader, and presented five of the top free choices for 2024 in this blog post.


Instagram users can download their stories straight from the app. You can save Instagram stories from other users on your device by using several third-party mobile apps, web platforms, and Chrome extensions.

With the help of an Instagram tool, you may view or repost Instagram stories on your profile or download them to your device.

You can download numerous Instagram stories downloaders as Chrome extensions or use them directly from your web browser. While the majority of them are free to use right away, others require creating a new profile.

You don’t get any notification or know anything about the anonymous storage of any Instagram stories you download through third-party apps.

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