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What are the best Cheap Online Clothing Stores?

The Online Clothing Stores industry in India is expected to grow by roughly USD 22.97 billion between 2021 and 2026, according to a Technavio analysis. Over the course of this projected period, a CAGR of 18.83% is expected. Significant market expansion is anticipated as a result.

It goes without saying that eCommerce is drastically changing the way we shop. Shoppers are drawn to online buying by a number of advantages. These consist of simple return and refund procedures, excellent bargains and discounts, and simplicity of shopping.

Let’s examine everything you need to know about the top ten Indian best Cheap Online Clothing Stores.

India's Top 10 Cheap Online Clothing stores

The surge in online shopping has made it easier than ever to embrace the constantly evolving fashion trends. The online fashion market reached a staggering 11 billion USD in 2020, and by 2025, it is expected to grow to 43 billion USD. The growing middle class and the pervasive usage of cellphones are to blame for the spike.

1. Amazon


The popularity of Amazon has not changed throughout the years, even in India. Approximately 81% of respondents to a ProdegeMR study conducted in May 2019 said they choose to buy clothes on Amazon’s Indian site. More than 200 million people visit Amazon each month, where they find the best and newest fashion trends. Anything from electronics and appliances to clothing and home goods may be bought on Amazon. Amazon carries everything, including footwear, electronics, and reasonably priced, branded apparel. 

Amazon is among the best e-commerce platforms because it provides them with a number of benefits. There are also lots of chances for sellers to grow their businesses. Due to its vast consumer base, Amazon maintains a solid reputation as a brand. 

2. Flipkart - Cheap Online Clothing Stores

flipkart best Cheap Online Clothing Stores

Among the top ten Cheap Online Clothing Stores in India is Flipkart. About 76% of respondents to a ProdegeMR survey said they favoured the domestic eCommerce store Flipkart while making clothing purchases. Back in 2004, it started out with just 4 lakhs in assets.

With an astonishing valuation of more than 60 thousand crores, Flipkart, a prominent eCommerce platform in India, has become a fixture in Indian families. Mirroring Amazon’s all-encompassing strategy, Flipkart fulfils an extensive range of customer requirements, functioning as a single point of contact for a variety of shopping requirements. 

3. Myntra


Myntra is unquestionably among the top 10 Indian online retailers for clothing. Myntra’s website saw roughly 33 million domestic visits in May 2023. Additionally, 1.5 million American users made purchases on the marketplace during this time.

Myntra was created to provide things related to fashion in all its forms. Because of this, it is one of the most popular Cheap Online Clothing Stores in India for clothing sales, both for vendors and for buyers. 

For vendors selling clothing on the marketplace, Myntra provides a number of advantages. Through promotions and discounts, it aids retailers in raising consumer awareness of their brands and products. 

4. Ajio - Best Online Clothing Stores

ajio best Cheap Online Clothing Stores

The company was founded by Reliance Retail. Ajio held a 29.86% share of the fashion eCommerce market as of August 2023. It also came in second in India in October 2023 for clothing and fashion. For all of India’s fashion demands, it is also a highly well-liked one-stop shop. 

AJIO is renowned for its easy-to-use and convenient marketplace, which facilitates customers’ search for and acquisition of products and enhances their selling experience.

Ajio prides itself on having excellent quality standards, and all of its goods are well regarded. 

5. Tata CLiQ

tata cliq

Founded by the powerful Tata Empire, Tata CLiQ offers both local and foreign products for sale in India. With a revenue of USD 40 million, Tata CLiQ placed 16th in the Indian fashion sector in 2022. Tata CLiq is dedicated to offering premium goods from reliable companies, making it possible for vendors to present and market their clothing in a setting that encourages genuineness. On Tata CLiq’s marketplace, vendors can list and showcase their apparel items, giving them access to a vast consumer base.

6. Shoppers Stop

shopper stop

A mainstay in India, Shoppers Stop is an obvious place to get everything you need to satisfy your shopping demands and stay up to date on fashion trends. It is widely distributed throughout the nation and is owned by K Raheja Corp. Shoppers Stop is one of the best places to get affordable, name-brand clothing in the country. It has several physical locations.  

Shoppers Stop gives vendors a platform to produce and market under their own brand, encouraging exclusivity and teamwork.

7. Max Fashion

max best Cheap Online Clothing Stores

Originally launched in the United Arab Emirates, Max is one of the best Cheap Online Clothing Stores for fashion brands. Due to the enormous popularity of its reasonably priced and stylish clothing, it quickly started offering its services in India. Max sprang to fame in India early in 2006 and is presently one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms there. 

Max Fashion’s business strategy focuses on minimising middlemen by purchasing clothing in bulk straight from suppliers. Competitive pricing for sellers and cost-effective operations are made possible by this excellent supply chain.

8. Koovs - Cheap Online Clothing Stores


Several international retail brands, particularly British ones, may be found at Koovs. For both men and women, it displays the newest fashion trends. It provides a wide range of people with access to various clothes kinds. Shopping at Koovs is even more comprehensive because it offers its own fashion brand. 

Sellers can take use of an online platform’s scalability, accessibility, and potential for higher sales by utilising the wider benefits of eCommerce.

9. H&M


The fashion brand of H&M features formal and informal clothing for all ages and genders, much as Max and Shoppers Stop. This brand is very well-known in India. Numerous bloggers and micro-influencers, along with the majority of Hollywood celebrities, are known to show off their H&M clothing.

Anyone can resell any H&M product thanks to the RE:WEAR scheme. We’ll deduct 15% of the selling price. If sellers choose to accept payment in the form of an H&M gift card, they will see a 20% rise in their selling price. 

10. Marks & Spencer

best Cheap Online Clothing Stores

Serving customers all over the world, Marks & Spencer offers access to fashionable and cosy designs. .. A favourite option for Cheap Online Clothing Stores buying, the brand is well-known for its dedication to comfort and affordability. The company’s increasing popularity has been further cemented by its wide return policy.

Sellers can benefit from the brand’s dedication to improving the buying experience by drawing in more clients with alluring offers. Marks & Spencer is dedicated to using products that are sourced ethically, making sure that vendors follow sustainable and ethical standards.


eCommerce has made shopping easy and accessible from anywhere at any time. When selling on reputable eCommerce platforms, sellers can take advantage of a number of advantages. In order to select the best online marketplace for selling their items, they should also take into account variables like commission and transaction fees.


Convenience, cost savings, selection, and affordable prices are all provided by online purchasing. This encourages more people to shop online.

The inability for buyers to touch or feel the merchandise is the largest disadvantage of internet shopping. Online shopping has additional drawbacks, such as unclear quality, trouble with logistics, delayed shipping, fraudulent payments, difficult return and refund procedures, etc.

By implementing fraud-checking systems, PCI compliance, SSL certificates, data encryption, and frequent security audits and system updates, you can provide your customers with a safe and secure online purchasing experience.

  • To Keep More Case, Use Coupon Codes.
  • Incorporate Sustainable Fashion and the 5% Income Rule.
  • Shop off-season sales while staying within your means. Invest in quality rather than trends. Make sure the item fits both your frame and your budget.
  • Decide on Your Look and Make a Purchase Plan.
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